Sidi Vertigo 2 Ladies Boots - Black

Sidi Vertigo 2 Ladies Boots - Black

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Sidi Vertigo 2 Ladies Boots - Black

  • CE Approved
  • Technomicro Microfibre upper
  • Teflon Air Mesh lining
  • Tenco-3 iron fastener
  • Zipper elastic panel
  • Anti-twist ankle support brace
  • Air ventilation system
  • Nylon inner sole with removable arch support
  • Rubber sole
  • Shock absorbing heel cup
  • Replaceable toe sliders
  • Moulded gear change pad
  • Available in sizes 37 – 42

Ready for the road or the racetrack, the Sidi Vertigo 2 ladies boots uses the existing Sidi Vertigo boot as solid foundation, refining these Sidi boots for comfort, usability and performance. CE approved for your peace of mind, the Sidi Vertigo 2 boots features the same Tecno 3 closure system as Sidi’s premier race boots as well as safety features to keep you safe whenever you’re out on the road or track. This closure system is featured at the calf of the boot, allowing riders with any size calves to fit into the Sidi Vertigo 2 boots. This patented closure system allows the rider to tighten the boots at the calves in small increments, tightening the boots and tailoring the fit to the wearers ideals. The large zipped area lets you open the boot wide enough to accommodate your foot and zip comfortably in to place, offering optimum comfort whether on short commute or long distance travels. The nylon inner sole and rubber outer sole help provide superb grip, whilst still allowing you feel the bike via the pegs.

The upper of the Sidi Vertigo 2 boots is created in a Technomicro Microfibre materials which blends strength and comfort without compromising on weight, making it the perfect material for a motorcycle racing boot. Technomicro is a man-made microfibre composite material, with strands less than one-thousandth the thickness of silk. These tightly woven strands mirrors the strength and durability of traditional leather without the risk of imperfections that can occur with a natural material. This material is as lightweight as it is hardwearing and is capable of riding just as hard as you are. Technomicro is also water resistant, but by no means waterproof. The material is highly resistant to tearing and abrasion and is very easy to clean and maintain, ensuring your Vertigo 2 boots look newer for longer. The inner of the boot is lined with a Maglina Air Teflon for a smooth, comfortable interior of the boot. This material allows for superior breathability within the boot, allowing air into the boot via the ventilation area on the Sidi Vertigo and circulating this air thanks to hundreds of tiny air pockets within the material.

The anti-twist ankle support brace found on the Sidi Vertigo 2 boot allows for a free range of natural movement at the ankle whilst restricting unnatural movement, minimising the damage that can occur at the ankle whether on the track or on the road. This support brace allows for front to back movement, making gear changes easy and comfortable as well as offering comfort when walking around when off the bike too. The movement left to right is restricted, minimising the chances of breakages or ligament damage by unnatural movement. This system is made from a lightweight but reinforced fibreglass material and is easily replaced should any damage occur to the brace. Also replaceable is the toe sliders, which are easily replaced with a simple screw system. Replaceable sliders are available in full nylon or with ceramic or aluminium inserts. The moulded heel cup acts as a shock absorption point; the polyurethane shell of the heel cup holds a shock absorbing insert, which minimises that damage that can occur at this area.

Product Brand:
  • Black


Boots Type:
  • Ladies Boots
  • Sports Boots
Boots Outer Material:
  • Microfibre
Boot Length:
Regular / Calf
Fastening System:
  • Zip
  • Velcro
  • Shin Protection
  • Ankle Protectors
  • Heel Slider
  • Toe Slider
Boot Size:
  • UK 4 / EUR 37
  • UK 5 / EUR 38
  • UK 5.5 / EUR 39
  • UK 6 / EUR 40
  • UK 7 / EUR 41
  • UK 8 / EUR 42

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