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Homologated for road use, this exhaust is lighter than your original and improves your scooter's...
The ultimate protection for riders of the MP3!
Guaranteed to ensure a better comfort for both rider and passenger!
This genuine 'style' screen, is an essential addition to your MP3.
The Piaggio Heated Grips Kit is adjustable on four different levels
Shelter yourself from the wind with this genuine Piaggio Windscreen Kit, designed specifically...
Tested and approved by Piaggio, this large genuine windscreen kit is the perfect addition for...
The Piaggio X8 Windscreen Kit is available as an extra for your Piaggio X-Evo
The ideal accessory for protecting you from all weather conditions whilst out and about!
The Piaggio Central Heating ECU regulate temperature of the handlebar grips and heating legs unit
The perfect accessory for providing the rider ultimate protection in all weather conditions!
The Piaggio Handlebar Lock Top is available in one size only
The Piaggio Handlebar Lock Top Mp3 is available in one size only
The Piaggio Handlebar Lock Top Yourban is available in one size only
The Piaggio Zip Windscreen Kit improves your comfort on your Piaggio Zip
Customise your Piaggio NRG off with this genuine Piaggio windscreen!
The essential accessory to protect your Piaggio outside
The Piaggio Beverly 300 / 350 Flyscreen Kit is available in clear or tinted
The perfect finishing touch to your Piaggio Beverly 300 / 350 Scooter
Protect your Piaggio Beverly from the elements with this stylishly genuine Piaggio waterproof...
Protect your Piaggio Fly, Liberty or Typhoon Scooter with this genuine waterproof outdoor...
The Piaggio Heated Leg Cover Insert slides inside the Piaggio Leg Cover
For hands that feel the chill, these genuine handlebar muffs have been designed specifically for...
The Piaggio MP3 Sport ABS Smartphone Cover will hold your phone on your bike...
Required to fit the Piaggio box to your NRG
The Piaggio Hand Cover Kit is available in one size only

Genuine Piaggio accessories to fit all the most popular Piaggio scooters.