Our Trusted Staff

Here at Two Wheel Centre, we're more than just voices on the end of the phone line - we're a family-grown business! We have a passion for helping anyone and everyone who shares our love for two wheels.

So to help you trust the person you're speaking to, whether on the phone or in our stores, we would like to proudly introduce our Two Wheel Centre team.

You're in knowledgable, trusted hands.


Peter Scott - The Boss

Pete is the founder of Two Wheel Centre. Having had a passion for bikes since he was a whippersnapper, Pete has relentlessly ploughed his time and effort into the business for almost three decades. You can read more about how Pete has helped the business grow on the Our History page. Pete has successfully raced a CBR1000RR, and more recently a GSXR1000, he's convinced Rossi will eat his dust on the track one day!

Jessica Scott - Company Secretary

Jessica is Pete's middle daughter, keeping the Two Wheel team organised and up to date as the Company Secretary. Jess hasn't always been office-bound; over the years, Jessica has operated across all of Two Wheel Centre's departments - the service department, e-commerce development and within parts and clothing departmental operations. This makes Jess a versatile, knowledgeable and valuable Two Wheel staff member! Moreover, Jess is furthering her business prowess by undertaking a full scale Bachelor's Business Studies degree (with a specialism in economics). Don't be fooled though - there's more to Jess beyond the desk! Jess has a motorcycle-keen side, quite naturally! Her first hand two wheel experience has led her to own her own Yamaha YZF-R6, and more recently a Suzuki GSX-R 750.

Rebecca Scott - Accounts

Rebecca is Pete's eldest daughter, and was roped into the business a wholesome 10 years ago. In fact, Rebecca remembers the day when the business ran from just one computer, she was the official 'pen pusher' in a business where all the records were hand written. Rebecca is the lady we have to thank for bringing technology to Two Wheel Centre - we now have more computers than PC World! Rebecca works part-time across all departments, originally based here she now helps out from afar.

Rebecca began in Jess's shoes as our company secretary so she's often pacing through paperwork issues! Rebecca has a passion for teaching and the remainder of her working week is dedicated to teaching book keeping and accounting to adults.

This isn't Bec's only side - her straight laced front is a work mask, when she clocks off her wilder side clocks in. She has taken part in Silverstone Rally School's 'Lady Quest' and Ron Haslam Race Days (albeit crashing out). She previously owned a Virgin R6 and her favourite route is down The Old A1.

Diane Scott - Sales Admin

Diane is another jack of all trades in the business. She often darts between departments, always there to keep everyone organised and supported. Her primary role is assisting the showroom staff where we keep all of our bikes - old and new. Diane's motorcycle history is coloured with a wide variety of models - everything from a CB250 to a Yamaha YZF-R6. Beyond British solo riding Diane and Pete have enjoyed many holidays adventuring overseas on two wheels.

Karl Revill - Stores Manager

Karl began motorcycling back in 1979, this passion directed him to a job in the motorcycle industry, where he's invested the past 30 years. Karl's bursting with motorcycle knowledge which has come from both professional and personal experience. As the manager of our motorcycle stores he's always around to help with clothing, accessories and parts.

Karl must be the envy of many big motorcycle trip enthusiasts, with a few mega motorcycle bucket list races under his helmet - two Le Mans, four TT, two trips to Monza and Hockenheim in Germany. He's also experienced a few track days at Donington, Cadwell and Mallory. His current ride is a 2008 ER-6, although Karl cycles to work everyday - balancing fitness with the fire of a bike!


Steve Cottam ('Cott') - Parts, Clothing and Accessories

Cott's been a valued Two Wheel Centre employee for a collection of ten years, he's currently working his second stint in the business. He is a valued and knowledgeable member of staff, among the team and his many regular customers. His long, professional history in motocross makes this his specialty, backed up with off road parts and accessories. His knowledge is extensive and developed through rides and rides of experience. If you'd like off road advice/gear Cott offers friendly, enthusiastic advice.

Cott is a prolific rider, having ridden bikes for over 30 years. He first took to the tracks at the keen age of 15. He's spun his wheels in 80cc, 125cc two stroke, 500cc two stroke and 250cc four stroke classes, with much success. He came fourth in Twin Shock Racing at national level, and boasts an incredible 2nd in the 2008 Twin Shock World Championship. Cott is at home on the MX track but he's no stranger to road riding; he's proudly owned a Vespa, 50cc scooters and a GSX-R750.


Pete Shevlin - Workshop and sales assistant

Pete Shevlin darts from the workshop to stores and back to the workshop again, his variety of skills have grown over his 25 years in the motorcycle industry. His love of bikes always translates into enthusiasm with which he throws himself into any job asked of him. You might catch him discussing jackets in stores or you might not see him at all as he delivers bikes to customers across the country.

If he's not driving our van he might be atop his own CBR 600, or wistfully remembering the motoring prowess of his previous BMW K1100.


Aimee Haynes - Sales Admin

Aimee is a long standing member of staff and has worked throughout the company since early 2009, an utterly wonderful part of the team. Her wonderful, knowledgeable face is probably the first you'll come across entering the showroom.

Aimee bends over backwards to keep the sales department running smoothly, ensuring you feel confident when you're investing in a new or second hand ride. Working alongside Pete she's always picking up tips from the big boss. Aimee's also a beginner two wheel rider with a CBT to her name and ambitions for owning her own scooter. Once she's invested in a scooter she imagines the excitement will push her onto a full licence.

Andy Jeans - Sales Admin

Andy Jeans is not short of experience in the field of motorcycle sales. Having been a part of the industry since 1994 and having worked at franchise dealerships including Triumph and Honda, Andy is no stranger to a motorcycle, with a passion for bikes and a wealth of knowledge to draw on to help provide customers with the best bike.

Andy has interests in all powersports and has tried his hand at many of them, including racing motocross for the AMCA in the 1990's and spent of number of years riding jet skis too. Handy with a spanner, he is also renovating a Honda SS50. Andy currently rides a Honda CBR600F which he also uses for track days and spends a great deal of his spare time riding mountain bikes with friends and colleagues.

Sarah Charlton - Sales Admin

Sarah’s move to our showroom from the online sales department was a smooth transition, bringing her friendly, approachable manner and enthusiasm to a new area of Two Wheel Centre. Under the wings of Pete, Andy and Aimee, Sarah has flourished into a motorcycle sales and finance guru, helping give you the best option for your new pride and joy, whether it’s a brand-new bike or pre-loved machine.

Everyone loves service with a smile and Sarah hasn’t stopped smiling since she started, making sure every customer has a great experience at Two Wheel Centre from the moment they walk through the door.


Terry Udall - Workshop Technician

Terry is a fully trained motorcycle technician with over 30 years experience. He's worked with us since 2003, repairing, servicing, installing alarms, and conducting MOTs and PDIs.

Terry is bursting with motorcycle know-how and his biking affections are extensive, having owned and ridden a collection of models over his riding years. Surprisingly, underneath his tough, mechanical exterior lies his secret love, the dinky Honda C90. He's also the envy of many staff with the scent of his delicious lunches flying through the kitchen air every lunchtime.


Matt Mallatratt - Workshop Technician

Matt began his career in motorcycles right here at Two Wheel Centre, beginning as an apprentice and technician at age sixteen. Since then, he has worked in the industry for almost three decades and has worked in a variety of roles, making him a valued member of the Two Wheel Centre team on all fronts, whether repairing, servicing, carrying out MOT’s and PDI checks on new motorcycles too.

Matt has previously worked as a workshop controller and service manager at other motorcycle dealerships as well running a car accessory shop, providing accessories and parts for car lovers in the area. Matt has a passion for Volkswagen cars too and has spent a great deal of time restoring a Volkswagen Golf R32 to a beautiful condition.

Naturally talented, Matt also spent time self employed as a manufacturer and fitter of windows too; variety is the spice of life!

Educated at all things mechanical, Matt worked on BMW motorcycles for 10 years as well as receiving factory training from many reputable motorcycle manufactures including Triumph, Kawasaki, Honda, CCM, Moto Guzzi, participated in Ducati training in Italy and he’s a Suzuki Master-tech too!

Matt raced professionally for Pallini motorcycles as well as taking part in track days on board a Yamaha FZ750 Genesis 20 Valve and previously owning two Honda VFR400 NC24’s. Despite being taller in stature than most, Matt’s commuter machine is a monkey bike he repaired himself and loves riding around on.

When not wrist deep in a motorcycle, Matt is a family man and has a teenage son who is keen on both football and kickboxing at a tournament level.

Enthusiastic and very knowledgeable, Matt enjoys working for a family run business and giving back to his local community through his mechanical expertise and we love having Matt as a part of the Two Wheel Centre team.

Tom Haggett - Web Content Writer

Tom's passion for motorbikes started at a young age; being surrounded by his Dad's various bikes all his life, he always aspired to follow in his father's footsteps, beginning with a Yamaha SR125 after passing his CBT followed by two Yamaha XV535 Virago's and currently a Suzuki GSF600 Bandit. Tom's interests in writing and IT have been present all of his life and this has earned him an A Level in English Language and an Extended Diploma in Software Development.