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Sidi Adventure Gore Boots - Black

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Sidi Adventure Gore Boots - Black

  • Upper in top grain leather and split grain leather
  • Lined with a Gore-tex® waterproof / breathable membrane
  • PU Shin Plate
  • Velcro strap closure and two buckles
  • Inner gaiter
  • Plastic protection on the ankle area
  • Flex system
  • Elastic panel adjacent to the closure on the calf area
  • Back reflective inserts
  • Non-slip rubber soles
  • Nylon innersole and removable arch support

The Sidi Adventure Gore Boots are truly in a league of their own. Sidi critiqued these boots throughout every level of the design stages, which has resulted in an award worthy pair of Adventure boots. Every function and every detail is present for a reason.

The 'upper' of the boot is manufactured from two grades of leather. The areas that are externally visible are made from the highest grade, premium leather, which provides a smooth, attractive finish. In areas that provide attachment for buckles and protective external fixtures, split grain leather is used. This provides a rougher, durable area for these fixtures.

As the name suggests, the Sidi Adventure Gore Boots incorporate Gore-Tex® fabric, which is completely waterproof and fully breathable. The Gore-Tex® membrane is sandwiched between the external and internal linings, acting as an invisible part of the 'inner workings' of the Sidi Adventure Gore Boots. This extraordinary fabric is carefully protected by the creators. Gore-Tex® will not be found in inferior products, as each product undergoes careful inspection before the use of Gore-Tex® is granted. Naturally, Sidi products meet all of Gore-Tex's requirements.

The Sidi Adventure Gore Boots offer high level protection to the shin area through the inclusion of a tough, moulded, PU shin plate. This plate reinforces the entire area, ensuring that the shin area is well protected at all times.

The retention system on the Sidi Adventure Gore Boots consists of a large, strong Velcro closure, which allows a degree of individual fit depending on your calf size. A further two adjustable, extremely strong buckles can be adjusted by fine increments, to find the most ideal individual fit for your lower leg.

The Sidi Adventure Gore Boots have a high level internal gaiter, which ensures that the waterproof liner can function at full capacity, keeping your entire foot and lower leg dry.

The entire ankle area is encased by a moulded, hard plastic area which provides stability and increased rigidity to this vulnerable area.

An elasticated 'stretch panel' is located at the upper rear of the Sidi Adventure Gore Boots, which provides an extra touch of lower leg comfort when the boots are fastened. This area provides additional flexion when walking (although it has to be stressed, the Sidi Adventure Gore Boots are not walking boots!)

A clever 'flex' system has also been incorporated on the back of these boots, which allows a small amount of forward flexion. However, the boots do not readily allow backwards flexion, for increased stability and leg protection.

Tiny, highly reflective inserts on the back of the Adventure Gore boots allow a discreet but effective degree of visibility.

The heavy tread on the underside of the boots ensures the best foot peg grip and of course, general grip for poor weather use.

A strong nylon innersole again offers further support, by ensuring the foot cannot 'hyper-flex' in an undesirable direction. These innersoles can be removed if preferred.

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Sale Category Type:
  • Boots
Product Brand:
Mens / Unisex
  • Black


Boots Type:
  • Touring Boots
Boots Outer Material:
  • Leather
Boot Length:
Regular / Calf
Fastening System:
  • Velcro
  • Ratchet
  • Shin Protection
  • Ankle Protectors
Boot Size:
  • UK 7 / EUR 41
  • UK 8 / EUR 42
  • UK 9 / EUR 43
  • UK 9.5 / EUR 44
  • UK 10 / EUR 45
  • UK 11 / EUR 46
  • UK 12 / EUR 47
  • UK 12.5 / EUR 48

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Sidi ST Gore £50.00 free spend
Sidi Adventure 2 Gore £50.00 free spend
Sidi Mag 1 / Mag 1 Air £50.00 free spend
Sidi Armada £40.00 free spend
Sidi ST / ST Air £40.00 free spend
Sidi Vertigo 2 £40.00 free spend
Sidi Performer Gore £40.00 free spend
Sidi Performer £30.00 free spend
Sidi Scramble Rain £30.00 free spend
Sidi Arcadia Rain £30.00 free spend
Sidi Aria Goretex £30.00 free spend
Sidi Gavia Gore £30.00 free spend
Sidi Gavia Gore Lady £30.00 free spend

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Great boots, a good compromise between a touring and MX boot. My only complaints are that they squeak and the sole seems to be wearing quickly. I've used them continuously for around two years now.

Purchased the Adventure Gores on recommendation from a pal. They are (so far) the best boots I've owned yet. Really sturdy, hard wearing and waterproof. Will probably always have Sidi from now.
Thanks guys (better go and buy my mate a pint now!)

I've had my Sidi Adventure Gore boots about 2 months now, so about time I left a testimonial. Excellent boots, very comfortable, supportive, waterproof and stylish. Hinges squeak a little - the price of good ankle protection, and a little grease or lube stops it. The service was brilliant; I rang from Australia to order, and the staff were very helpful. I was hit with an import duty to pay, however these boots aren't available to buy in Oz as yet so I'm still extremely happy with the purchase. If you ride a large dual purpose or adventure bike, get these - you know you want to! And buy from this store!

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