Hit-Air MLV-RC Reflective Airbag Vest

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Hit-Air MLV-RC Airbag Vest

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  • Dual-use (Motorcycle or Equestrian)
  • CE certified and lab tested
  • Inflation time approx. 0.25 seconds
  • LUMIDEX light-reflective dots throughout
  • Re-usable
  • Light-weight (1.1kg)
  • Integrated airbags
  • Full upper body airbag coverage
  • Adjustable straps and lanyard
  • Additional armour sold separately
  • 60cc gas canister included
  • Tools and user manual included
  • FREE UK delivery (Mainland Only)

Hit-Air MLV-RC for Motorcyclists

The Hit-Air MLV-RC reflective air vest is covered in tiny LUMIDEX reflective dots, which illuminate the entire vest when it is exposed to a light source. This vastly improves its night-time visibility but gives a plain black appearance during the day. This vest also comes in standard black and high-visibility versions (see 'Similar Products' tab).

The MLV-RC has integrated airbags throughout. These protect the back, neck, spine, collarbone, hips, internal organs and ribs. In fact, the Hit-Air range is the only inflatable safety vest range with air bags specifically designed to protect the ribs. The vest also provides superior neck protection, decelerating the neck to avoid whiplash and hyper-extension. The airbags inflate rapidly, within approximately 0.25 seconds, as soon as the lanyard is pulled. The lanyard attaches securely to the motorcycle and is activated when you come off the motorcycle. It responds to a weight of 35kg (the weight of a small child) and as a result, it is very unlikely to be activated accidentally.

The patented technology of the Hit-Air MLV-RC vest has been fully lab tested and is used by police forces around the world, making it a trusted brand. The air bags inflate outwards to avoid the rider being winded and they deflate slowly, to avoid further injury after an accident. The vest can be re-used again and again, but servicing is recommended annually or after a heavy impact. The vest comes with a user manual and tools in order to change the canister after inflation, and one free canister is supplied with the vest.

Hit-Air vests can be worn on their own but also compliment other body protectors. The inflatable panels are folded away securely when riding, so that no loose parts can be caught by the wind. The vest is very lightweight and can be adjusted with two straps to fit closely to the body, making it hardly noticeable when riding.

Hit-Air MLV-RC for Horse Riders

The Hit-Air MLV-RC has tiny LUMIDEX reflective dots all over the exterior. These illuminate the entire vest when exposed to a light source, which makes this vest perfect for night-time visibility. There are also plain black and high-visibility yellow versions of the vest (see 'Similar Products' tab).

The MLV-RC inflates in only 0.25 seconds, as soon as the rider come out of the saddle. This means that the airbag will inflate before the rider reaches the ground, which improves rider safety in case of a rotational fall. Wearing an airbag vest lessens the risk of severe crush injuries if the horse falls on top of the rider. The airbags deflate slowly after a fall to prevent further injuries and can be re-used by changing the gas canister. Special tools are included with the Hit-Air MLV-RC vest for this purpose, along with one free gas canister.

The vest is securely attached to the saddle with a saddle strap and lanyard (included) which attaches to the stirrup bars. When the lanyard is pulled with a weight of 35kg (the weight of a small child) the Hit-Air system activates and the vest inflates. The airbags protect your back, neck, spine, collar bone, internal organs and ribs. The neck airbag can decelerate the neck in an accident, preventing whiplash and hyper-extension. The Hit-Air range is also the only inflatable safety vest range to include rib cage airbags. Hit-Air’s unique patented technology has been lab-tested, won safety awards and even been used by mounted police forces.

The Hit-Air MLV-RC vest offers superior comfort and flexibility with adjustable straps, adjustable lanyard length and a lightweight feel. It can be worn with other body protection or on its own; additional armour can also be added (sold separately). The back protection and all inflatable areas fold away securely when riding, so there is no interference with the saddle.

Please note: Due to shipping restrictions with pressurised canisters, we cannot ship this item overseas. This includes offshore UK islands such as Channel Islands. If you wish to check whether we can ship this item to your location, please contact us before confirming your purchase.

  • Option for chest protector
  • Air Vest
Brilliant piece of kit, acts as a good light weight hi viz vest and gives great piece of mind. Lots of interest from other bikers suggesting these are going to become a lot more common. I spent a lot of time and research with air vests and decided this was the best yet, brill' service from the two wheel centre as well. I do not go on my bike without this now.
I'm really pleased with my new Hit-Air vest. Purchased the MLV-Y for the increased visibility, and it is bright!!! The quality is superb, images definitely do not do this vest justice. I am also able to ride more confidently now.
Service from TWC was excellent; will definitely be back for anything else I need.
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