Gerbing 12V Portable Dual Temperature Controller Unit


Please note: The two connector wires now measure approximately 10cm (not shown in the photo here)

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The Gerbing Dual Portable Controller allows you to manage the heat output of your Gerbing gear quickly and easily.

The Gerbing Dual Portable Controller allows independent control of two separate circuits. You can connect it to the battery harness and connection plug of two different items.

This means, if fitted to your jacket and gloves, your jacket can operate at one temperature and your gloves at a different temperature. You have total control over how much heat goes where.

Similarly, if fitted to the trouser liners and Vest, the Gerbing Dual Portable Controller means you can control the two circuits independently of one another.

The Gerbing Dual Portable Controller is designed to be versatile and is safe to use in all weather conditions. Keep it in your pocket. Hop off one bike, onto the next, plug your clothing in and control the heat.

Also available is the Gerbing Wireless Portable Dual Temperature Controller which means the controller can be kept in your pocket at all times - please see the Similar Products tab above.


This unit is not designed to control heat for two riders.

When you use the controller for the first time you must connect it to the battery harness and press both buttons together for a few seconds to activate.

Our staff are all experienced and knowledgeable about Gerbing clothing. If you have any queries whatsoever, please contact us on 01623 627600.

Product Brand:


Gloves Type:
  • Heated Gloves Accessories


Clothing type:
  • Heated Clothing
  • Clothing Accessories
Up to £50
  • Heated
Light weight and simple to use. A 'must have' if you are going to be wearing the heated jacket.

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Gerbing Care Instructions

  • Rubber cap: When you aren't using the battery harness keep the rubber cap in place, in winter or summer, whether plugged in or not. If this becomes damp the plug will begin to corrode.
  • Damp inhibitor: Treat plugs with a damp inhibitor such as WD40 or ACF
  • Waterproof the gloves: Use a leather conditioner/waterproofer, such as Nikwax®. The Hipora® liner sits inside the glove and so the outside liner will soak water if left unprotected.
  • Washing instructions: Hand wash jackets, trousers and socks with a mild detergent. Hang on a line to dry naturally, don't tumble dry.
  • Packing Gerbing items: It's possible to roll kit tightly to pack away.

Gerbing's Warranty Explained

To Validate your lifetime warranty, please ensure you regster your product within 60 days of purchase

Heating elements:

The heating elements in Gerbing products are covered for a lifetime.

Manufacturing faults:

Any non-electrical components of Gerbing clothing is covered for one year from purchase.

Temperature controllers and accessories:

Temperature controllers, accesories or electrical components are warranted against factory defect for three years from purchase.

Rechargeable batteries and chargers

Gerbing's rechargeable Lithium/NMH battery packs and chargers are covered for 90 days from purchase. Providing the product hasn't been altered.