Datatool TrakKING Motorcycle Tracking Device

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One of our in-house technicians can fit the Datatool TrakKING gps tracker for an additional £120, please call us on 01623 627 600 to make additional payment and to book in.

Please fill out our TrakKING enquiry form for advice on having a Datatool TrakKING Device fitted, we aim to respond within one working day.

The Datatool TrakKING System is one piece of kit your bike can't afford to be without.

The TrakKING is a Thatcham Category 6 (TQA) Approved motorcycle gps tracking system. No gimmicks, no frills. A serious piece of kit, which will act as your bike's guardian angel when you can't be around to protect it.


  • Full 24/7 monitoring and recovery assistance: Complete piece of mind that, if your bike moves without you, you will know about it. If your bike gets stolen, Datatool take care of the situation, liasing with the police and acting on your behalf through their expertly manned 24/7 call centre.

  • Zero current draw: The TrakKING has zero current draw, which means that even during long periods of inactivity, it will not drain your bike's battery. In fact, the TrakKING has enough back-up power to continue protecting your bike for 3 months - even with the power removed!

  • Early warning feature of your bike's movement: The TrakKING sets up a pre-determined 'geofence' - an area within which your bike can move. If your bike moves without your permission within this geofence, the TrakKING will alert you by text message. If your bike then moves outside the geofence boundary, the TrakKING will immediately trigger a full-scale alert to the tracking centre.

  • Greater reliability: The TrakKING offers a considerable combination of built-in movement sensors, a powerful aerial for increased reception and high quality waterproof head (IPX67 standard). In short, this means that the TrakKING can be relied on to operate, whatever conditions it experiences.

  • Thatcham Category 6 (TQA) Approval: The TrakKING has succeeded against the toughest Thatcham tests. This means you can sit back and relax, knowing that your bike is under the watchful eye of an approved (and seriously good) tracker.

  • No historical speed data logged: This is one gimmick which Datatool steered clear of with the TrakKING. In the event of a motoring offence or incident, trackers which log your speed can actually be used by the authorities to incriminate you.

  • Pinpoint locate feature: Check where your bike's located, at any time, at no extra cost. Log in to your easy-to-use account as many times as you like, should you need extra peace of mind.

  • Holiday mode: If you're going away, you're likely to leave the keys to your vehicles in the house - but what if someone breaks into your house and gets access to those keys? Simply set TrakKING to holiday mode before you go away, then if your bike gets moved, even with the keys, you'll be notified and the 24/7 TrakKING centre will be on the case.

  • TrakKING Monitoring Subscription: To ensure your bike is monitored by trakKING with their 24 hour, everyday service, you're required to sign up to their subscription service. Available through TrakKING the annual price is £99 with a discounted price of £279 for three years, please contact them to sign up.

    The Datatool TrakKING is your bike's real guardian angel. Can you - or your bike - afford not to have one fitted?

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