Arai Debut - Modern Grey

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Arai Debut - Modern Grey

  • Handmade in Japan and inspected five times by an Arai engineer
  • SFL outer shell in multiple sizes
  • Wide SAI optically correct visor
  • Pinlock ready, anti-scratch clear visor
  • Pinlock 120 Max Vision insert included
  • Fixed Supersoft interior lining
  • Removable, replaceable cheek pads
  • Three position chin vent
  • Brow vents built into the visor
  • Smooth, R75 round shell shape
  • Organic shell shape
  • Facial Contour System (FCS)
  • In house tested by Arai
  • ECE 22:05 approved
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Available in sizes XS – XL

Arai are world renowned for their commitment to safety and despite being the entry level option into the Arai experience, the Arai Debut helmet is no exception to this rule. This refusal to compromise on safety has led them to be one of the most respected helmet manufacturers the world over and worn by racers in every series, from Maverick Vinales to Ian Hutchinson to Josh Brookes.

The Arai Debut helmet features an SFL outer shell; this Super Fibre Laminate goes through very strict quality control and makes use of specialised fibre layers built right up to the surface of shell and bonded with an incredibly strong resin unique to Arai helmets. This creates a lightweight, user friendly helmet without compromising the structural integrity or strength of the helmet. The organic shell shape of the Arai Debut, like all Arai helmets, is designed to be natural and ergonomic in appearance and functionality, making a better seal against your head for improved fit, comfort and minimising turbulence from with resistance when travelling at speed. The Facial Contour System, or FCS, is designed to enhance comfort at the lower law as well as offering a supreme fit. The cheek pads of the Arai Debut are particularly supportive, compressing and rebounding which offers the support needed in this area without any uncomfortable pressure points.

A specifically designed, multi-density liner within the Arai Debut helmet maximises the impact absorption within the helmet, keeping you safe in the event of an accident. The ergonomic nature of the shell shape of an Arai helmet allows for increased impact absorption at key areas around the helmet, distributing the kinetic energy over a wider area, keeping you safe within the helmet.

Arai’s focus on safety in motorcycle helmets has led them to carefully examine their helmet and the data from safety tests, to which they have developed a helmet capable of withstanding serious impact, not just in a laboratory setting but in a real world scenario. Arai practice an active position on ‘Glancing Off’, which enhances the safety aspect of the helmet. Impact energy transferal to within the helmet can be minimized by keeping the helmet moving, which is why Arai opt for a round, smooth shell with all their helmets. This round shell allows for sliding and scrubs off the energy that would otherwise be transferred within the helmet to the rider and will ‘glance off’ obstacles on the road’s surface with less rotational force than other helmets, meaning less impact energy and less unnatural movement when sliding, as the helmet does not dig in or snag on the road surface. Thanks to the additional protection of multiple layered fibres, the helmet does not deform under impact either.

The SAI visor of the Arai Debut is optically correct, anti-scratch and Pinlock prepared, ready to add the PinLock 120 anti fog insert which is supplied with the helmet, giving you a clear field of view when riding and minimising the misting within the helmet when riding in cooler weather. As another reliable safety feature, the visor on this Arai helmet features the visor lock system, locking the visor in a closed position to stop the visor becoming accidentally opened should you find yourself face down on the tarmac or grass. Additional ventilation points found at the top of the visor maximising air flow into the Arai Debut helmet, keeping you cool as you ride whether it’s a long distance rideout or a more local commute. In addition to these vents at the visor, a three-position chin vent can be found at the front of the visor as well as a crown vent too, ensuring as much air flow into the visor as possible. A rear spoiler found on the Arai helmet features twin ventilation points too. The rear spoiler not only keeps the helmet more planted at speed but also creates a low pressure zone at the rear of the helmet, allowing the warm, stale air to be sucked from within the helmet keeping you cool as you ride.

All Arai helmets, including the Arai Debut helmet, are subjected to Arai’s in-house testing procedure, going above and beyond the mandatory testing procedures required by safety bodies such as ECE 22:05. These in-house tests include a penetration test which involves a 3kg test cone being dropped from a height of 3 metres onto the helmet, testing the strength and resilience of the helmet shell. Keeping with their mantra that safety is paramount, Arai only use double D ring closure systems on their helmets; no moving parts to corrode or break, just a tried and tested strap which is tightened each and every time you ride.

Available in sizes XS – XL and available in solid colours and graphic colours.

Product Brand:
Mens / Unisex
  • Grey


Helmet Type:
Full Face Helmets
Pinlock Ready
Inner Lining:
Extensive ventilation
  • XS / 53-54cm
  • Small / 55-56cm
  • Medium / 57-58cm
  • Large / 59-60cm
  • XL / 61-62cm
Sun Visor:

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