Alpinestars Supertech-R Boots - Black

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Alpinestars Supertech-R Boots - Black

  • Pro level race boot
  • CE approved
  • Lightweight microfibre upper
  • Inner boot with double-hinged ankle braces
  • Ankle braces in polyamide reinforced with fibreglass
  • Polyamide moulding in foot bed
  • TPU shin plate
  • Replaceable toe slider
  • Replaceable heel slider
  • Front flex area in TPU mesh
  • Back flex area in accordion leather
  • Synthetic leather gaiter reinforced with rubber
  • Full length microfibre panel on inner boot leg
  • Ventilation built in to shin plate and heel cup
  • Lightweight gear change pad
  • Zip and Velcro retention
  • Micro adjustable ratchet top closure
  • Replaceable rubber compound sole

The Supertech-R Boots are the result of Alpinestars' continual drive to design the ultimate race boots. These boots have been tested and refined by working with top MotoGP racers and are designed for professional racers to rely on, time and time again. Quality materials, extensive protection and high flexibility combine in the Supertech-R design, to create a pair of CE-approved boots which can only be described as exceptional.

The inner boot design used in the Supertech-R boots takes typical track protection up to the next level. The snug and comfortable inner boot has rigid heel and toe protection and an ankle brace built-in. This super-strong ankle brace is made of tough polyamide reinforced with fibreglass. The brace is double hinged, allowing the full range of natural movement, whilst heavily restricting side-to-side movement in an impact. Having this ankle protection inside the boot, rather than as part of the outer construction, means a more streamlined boot and better communication with the bike.

The Supertech-R boots include TPU protection to the shin, heel and calf to protect the most vulnerable parts of the feet. The toe slider is replaceable and can be exchanged for a magnesium slider if required. Alpinestars have developed a unique heel slider, featured on the Supertech-R boots, which also reduces friction and promotes sliding in an accident.

Flexibility is a key design focus of these boots, a desirable trait at the top levels of motorcycle racing. The range of movement and feedback provided by the Supertech-R boots is outstanding, largely thanks to the clever flex panels at the front and back of the boots. Above the heel, accordion leather facilitates natural movement and allows for a more comfortable fit. To the front of the boot, a soft TPU mesh and shaped reliefs protect from abrasion and enhance the ankle's movement.

Communication with the bike is also a major concern for top racers, and the Supertech-R boots excel in this area. The microfibre panel that covers the full inside length of the boots provides high grip and a good feel against the bike, with the added benefit of heat protection. The gear change pad is lightweight and flexible, and the rubber sole is made up of different thicknesses offers a high degree of feedback from the foot pegs.

The rider's comfort is paramount on the track. The Alpinestars Supertech-R boots include strategically placed ventilation to the heel and shin, with cool air also allowed into the boot by the TPU mesh at the front. The microfibre upper of these boots is highly breathable, which keeps the airflow going and also allows moisture to escape. The rider's feet should stay dry, cool and comfortable, lap after lap.

Several external parts of the Supertech-R boots are replaceable. When they are damaged or worn over time, the heel and toe sliders are replaceable; as is the sole. This means that these boots will last for many seasons, making them a great investment for serious racers.

The retention system of the Supertech-R boots ensures a perfectly tailored fit every time. The quick-pull laces of the inner boots can be tightened as required, and then wrapped and secured around the top. The laces are then securely hidden inside the boots, with the leather top gaiter ensuring a seamless fit with the rider's race suit. The outer boot is fastened with a zipper and velcro panel, to prevent the zip from damaging the bike or catching in an impact.

An elasticated panel along the length of the zip provides extra flexibility and easy closure, whilst the internal gaiter provides an extra seal for the boots. The micro-adjustable ratchet system at the top of the boot allows for some calf adjustment, for an even better fit.

The Alpinestars Supertech-R boots are available in several colours (see 'Similar Products' tab).

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Product Brand:
  • Black


Boots Type:
  • Sports Boots
Boots Outer Material:
  • Microfibre
Boot Length:
Regular / Calf
Fastening System:
  • Zip
  • Velcro
  • Shin Protection
  • Ankle Protectors
  • Heel Slider
  • Toe Slider
Boot Size:
  • UK 5.5 / EUR 39
  • UK 6 / EUR 40
  • UK 7 / EUR 41
  • UK 8 / EUR 42
  • UK 9 / EUR 43
  • UK 9.5 / EUR 44
  • UK 10 / EUR 45
  • UK 11 / EUR 46
  • UK 12 / EUR 47
  • UK 12.5 / EUR 48
  • UK 13 / EUR 48
I have worn these boots and have had two sets over the years. They are not cheap, but they are in my opinion worth the investment. They are bike friendly and exceptionally comfortable. It will take something very special for me to look at anything else. Best boots that I have ever owned.

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