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Suzuki Katana - Silver - Available Spring 2019

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Suzuki Katana - Available Spring 2019

  • 999cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid cooled, DOHC engine
  • Power: 148bhp (at 10,000rpm)
  • Torque: 79.66 lb.ft (at 9,500 rpm)
  • Aggressive Katana styling
  • Bosch Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Fujico brake discs
  • Brembo radial front brake calipers
  • Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS)
  • Suzuki Easy Start System
  • KYB inverted front forks
  • Twin-spar aluminium alloy frame
  • Three mode traction control
  • Low RPM Assist
  • Full LED headlight
  • LED front position lights
  • Two tone seat
  • Satellite rear fender
  • 825mm seat height
  • 12L fuel capacity
  • 215kg kerb weight

Taking inspiration from the legendary Suzuki Katana of old, this all new Suzuki Katana takes the iconic styling of the original Katana to create a modern masterpiece of a machine.

At the heart of the Suzuki Katana lies a 999cc, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid cooled DOHC (Double Overhead Cam) engine. This custom long-stroke engine first made itself know as the powerhouse that powered the K5 and K6 GSX-R1000, widely regarded as one of the greatest sports motorcycles created. This engine has been retuned for the street, with a broad spread of power throughout the rev range. With 148bhp and 79.66 lb ft of torque contained within the new Katana, it’s certainly no slouch and is ready to tackle an urban commute just as readily as the country lanes. Suzuki have used finite element analysis technique to makes pistons within the engine lighter without compromising the strength and rigidity of the pistons. Iridium spark plugs make for a very strong spark that adds to the power and offers quicker throttle response from the Katana.

The exhaust of the Katana looks clean, tidy and blends perfectly into the edgy aesthetic of the bike. This 4-2-1 exhaust system makes for a great low-to-mid range power output, giving you that extra burst of power when you need it. The Suzuki Exhaust Tuning system within the exhaust features a servo-actuated butterfly valve, opening and closing based on engine speed, gear position and throttle position, offering greater combustion at lower revs for increased power output lower down the rev range.

The Suzuki Katana features the Suzuki Clutch Assist System (SCAS), working as a slipper clutch for fluid, easy gear changes up and down the gearbox. The inclusion of the SCAS system makes riding easier, whether you’re working up and down the box on country lanes with tight corner or reducing the fatigue felt when on longer rides that cover many miles.

The twin-spar aluminium alloy of the Katana creates a straight line from the headstock to the swinging arm, which makes handling this 215kg bike particularly easy despite the weight. The lightweight construction of the frame makes for agile handling through urban traffic which remain rigid and planted when travelling at speed into corners. Helping soak up the imperfections in the road are the KYB inverted forks with feature fully adjustable damping, rebound, compression and spring pre-load, makes for a smooth and comfortable ride wherever you are.

Stopping power on the Suzuki Katana comes in the shape of a Bosch intelligent ABS system, communicating perfectly with the Brembo Monobloc brake calipers for commanding stopping power when you need it most. Machine from one solid piece of metal, the Monoboc Brembo calipers won’t move, warp or twist under heavy braking for reliable and efficient braking every time. The Bosch ABS system monitors the turning of the wheel, recording fifty times per wheel rotation and intelligently matches the stopping power with the available traction the moment you apply the brakes.

The low RPM assist makes pulling away from the lights much easier, virtually eliminating the chance of the engine stalling at lower revs. This system comes into play when the clutch is engaged as you pull away or when traveling at lower rpm ranges, raising the idle speed of the engine to help with efficiently and easily pulling away. The Suzuki Easy Start System makes starting your Katana easy; with a simple push of the button, the bike will spring to life without having to hold the starter button to do so. The ECU automatically disables the starter once the engine has been started, making starting your Katana as quick as the bike itself.

The full LED headlight mimics the unique rectangular headlight of the Katana of old. This LED light enhances the Katana’s edgy image, replicating this LED lighting at the rear of the bike too. The satellite style mudguard of the Katana hugs the swinging arm and bears the indicators and mudguard along with necessary reflectors. A full LCD instrument panels offers you a comprehensive account of all the information that you need to know when out on the road. Here you can see all the usual information such as speed, gear, engine temperature, revs, ABS and traction control. The traction control system built into the Suzuki Katana features three different modes to choose from, allowing you to tailor the traction settings of your Katana to suit your riding style and ability. The TCS monitors the front and rear wheel speeds, throttle position, gear position and crank position an impressive 250 times every second, adjusting the engine output whenever a wheelspin or loss of grip is detected.

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Suzuki Motorfinity Discount Scheme

Suzuki GB support the UK armed forces personnel, veterans and emergency services through their partnership with the Motorfinity Group. Card carrying members of these Motorfinity schemes will receive a credit towards genuine Suzuki accessories and merchandise when purchasing a new Suzuki motorcycle.

This credit is in addition to any other manufacturer offers that are available at the time of purchase. The credit amount is variable based on the engine size of the new Suzuki being purchased. This credit amount is at three set levels.

  • Up to 250cc - £250 credit at retail price including VAT
  • 251cc - 650cc - £350 credit at retail price including VAT
  • 650cc and above - £500 credit at retail price including VAT

Motorfinity advertise this offer to the eligible membership groups. This includes:

Defence Discount Service Members:

  • Serving and ex-serving UK Armed Forces personnel
  • Reserve Forces
  • Spouses/partners of serving personnel
  • MOD civil servants
  • Bereaved family members
  • War/Services widow(er)s
  • Cadet Forces (over 16)
  • NATO personnel in the UK

Blue Light Card Members:

  • Serving and ex-serving Police officers and staff and narpo members
  • Fire and Rescue Service personnel (serving and ex-serving)
  • NHS staff and Ambulance personnel
  • Prison service personnel
  • Other emergency personnel

Proof of eligibility required in the form of either Defence Discount Service Card or Blue Light Card. This credit must be used at the time of purchase. Full or parts credits claimed at a later date will not be honoured.