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Sidi Streetburner motorcycle ankle motorcycle boots

Sidi Streetburner Ankle Boots

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Sidi Streetburner Ankle Boots

  • Short sports boot with ankle protection
  • High-spec sports design
  • Outer in Lorica®
  • Lined with Air Teflon mesh
  • Tecno-II retention system
  • Open / close ventilation system
  • Fully replaceable exterior parts
  • Shock absorbing heel cup
  • Plastic innersole with removable arch support
  • Rubber sports sole

The Sidi Streetburner boots offer all of the protection, features and benefits of a fully fledged race boot in a shorter, more condensed ankle boot. These boots are ideal for the rider who requires a shorter boot that makes absolutely no compromise on safety. Sidi's innovative technology is built in to the Streetburner boots at every level, from the Lorica® outer to the shock absorbing heel cup.

The best feature of these boots is their durability. The Streetburner boots are constructed from Lorica®, which provides a robust, durable upper with excellent abrasion resistance. Lorica® is not prone to stretching in the same way that leather is, so boots made of this material are much more likely to maintain their original structure over time. With all the external parts able to be replaced when they wear out, the Sidi Streetburner boots can last as long as the rider does.

Just like Sidi's high-end race boots, the Sidi Streetburner incorporates a full shock absorbing heel cup which works to prevent injury to the heel by absorbing the impact of an accident. They also sport a reinforced gear change pad, which helps to protect the top of the foot from bruising during gear changing. The toe zone of the boot is also reinforced, providing anti-crush protection for the toes. The hard toe slider on the exterior of the boot is another feature shared by serious racing boots.

The retention system of the Sidi Streetburner consists of Sidi's Tecno-II Adjuster, coupled with a Velcro strap. This clever system allows the wearer to adjust the boots perfectly to suit the arch of their foot.This system ensures the foot stays secure and in place, especially in the event of an accident. The correctly adjusted Tecno-II Tensioner prevents the foot from sliding forwards and crushing the toes up against the inside of the boot.

With the Tecno-II system open, and the tongue of the boot pulled forwards, the mouth of the boot is wide enough for easy on/off, requiring minimal effort. If required, there is a small tab above the heel area which can be used to pull the boot onto the foot. The sole of the Sidi Streetburner boot is made of rigid rubber, which helps ensure the foot flexes comfortably in the required direction, whilst working to resist hyperflexions.

An on/off ventilation system allows air to flow into the boot when required, helping to keep the feet cooler and fresher in hot riding conditions. Air circulation is further promoted through the boot by the three dimensional Air Teflon mesh, which keeps a thin layer of air between the foot and the boot and enables air to flow freely.

*Terms and conditions apply.

Product Brand:
  • Black


Boots Type:
  • Short / Casual Boots
  • Sports Boots
Boots Outer Material:
  • Lorica
Boot Length:
Short / Ankle
Fastening System:
  • Velcro
  • Ratchet
  • Ankle Protectors
  • Toe Slider
Boot Size:
  • UK 7 / EUR 41
  • UK 8 / EUR 42
  • UK 9 / EUR 43
  • UK 9.5 / EUR 44
  • UK 10 / EUR 45
  • UK 11 / EUR 46
  • UK 12 / EUR 47

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