Shoei X-Spirit 3 - Matt Black


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Shoei X-Spirit 3 - Matt Black

  • Ride Magazine Recommended
  • The ultimate race helmet
  • Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM+) outer shell
  • Superior aerodynamic design
  • 4 shell sizes
  • Multi-density EPS liner
  • Modular, adjustable, fully removable interior
  • Quick-dry interior fabric
  • E.Q.R.S. emergency cheek pad removal system
  • 6 open/close, adjustable intake vents
  • 6 exhaust vents
  • Unique cheek cooling system
  • CWR-F visor with tear-off hooks
  • Pinlock Evo supplied
  • Double visor lock mechanism
  • Removable chin spoiler
  • Integrated back spoiler
  • Optional wide / narrow rear wings
  • Double D-ring fastening system
  • ECE 22.05
  • ACU approved

Introducing the Shoei X-Spirit 3, leading the way in cutting-edge race helmet technology. Shoei have developed this helmet over years of feedback and development from MotoGP champions such as Marc Marquez, along with extensive wind tunnel testing. This helmet is geared towards racers who are serious about protection and performance. Every detail is designed for sport riding at the highest level, with several exciting new innovations.

The X-Spirit 3 has an AIM+ shell with six layers, offering maximum protection at the lowest weight possible. The shell comes in 4 sizes, making it easier to find the perfect fit. The EPS liner has multiple densities in different areas, so it is able to save weight in some places and reinforce protection in others.

The aerodynamics are superb, with Shoei aiming to reduce drag and lift and improve stability at speeds of over 300 km/h. With a tucked-in racing posture in mind, the X-Spirit 3 incorporates a redesigned rear spoiler, removable chin spoiler and special raised edges on the outer shell. The new 'wings' at the back of the helmet attach to the spoiler and reduce vibration at speed by 50%. These wings can be changed for a narrower option (supplied) to adapt the helmet for track racing.

Ventilation has also been improved, with no fewer than six intake vents to the crown, chin and above the visor. These vents can be opened or closed to reduce wind noise. Cool air is constantly pulled into the helmet and then exits through six exhaust vents to the rear of the helmet. The X-Spirit 3 also features an innovative cheek cooling system. This system draws air in through the chin vent and sends it through channels in the cheek pad. This enables cool air to reach the cheeks and avoid overheating in this area.

Even the X-Spirit 3's interior has been specifically designed for optimum race performance. The interior improves comfort, and therefore focus, with a soft, moisture-wicking and quick drying fabric. The rider can adjust the position of the centre and cheek pads to give a wider field of vision in the tucked-in racing position. The centre pad has a modular design; each part of the lining can be removed and replaced separately. The interior also incorporates a larger space around the mouth, for easier breathing and extra comfort.

Shoei's focus on the highest safety standards is evident in the E.Q.R.S. emergency cheek pad removal system. In the event that the rider is involved in an accident, the emergency services can simply pull the red tabs underneath the helmet to remove the cheek pads. This ensures that the X-Spirit 3 can be removed quickly and safely, avoiding further injury. The updated double visor lock prevents the visor opening unexpectedly in an accident, improving safety further.

The Pinlock-ready CWR-F clear visor keeps your vision clear, no matter what the track throws at you. It includes tear off posts, which also fix the inner Pinlock Evo insert in place. With the Pinlock fitted, your visor won't mist up or fog no matter how heavily you breathe. The CWR-F visor also includes tiny vortex generators on the edges, which have been tested and proven to reduce drag and lift.

There are 4 shell sizes available in the Shoei X-Spirit 3 - please refer to the sizing chart in the 'Sizing' tab when choosing your helmet. This helmet is secured by a double D ring fastening, a reliable and adjustable retention system which stands the test of time.

Mens / Unisex


Helmet Type:
Full Face Helmets
Inner Lining:
Quick Dry
Extensive ventilation
Sun Visor:

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