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The Scottoiler E System has consistently been one of our best-selling Scottoiler products since its release.

The E System is based on the market leading Scottoiler Universal Kit - The main difference being that the existing kit is based in a siphon principle, whereas the E System is pumped.

  • All current Scottoiler accessories are compatible with the E System, including the Lube Tube and the Dual Injector.
  • The reservoir holds 60ml of Scottoil, which equates to an extra 6 hours of riding before refills, compared to the vacuum-operated system.
  • The electronics are based around triple axis accelorometers which control the system, thus only operates when the bike is in motion.
  • The technology is used in Moto GP and F1 with one-touch dynamic adjustment.
  • The readout shows all necessary information on a backlit display, including temperature, oil level, flow rate and forward acceleration in 'G'.
  • In operation the system only draws a small current, less than that of a pair of heated grips. Plug and Play connectivity to the battery means the E System is the most simple electronic chain lubrication system to fit.

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