RST Isle Of Man TT Grandstand One Piece Suit - Black

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RST Isle Of Man TT Grandstand One Piece Suit

  • CE Approved – Level A
  • CE Level 1 back protector
  • CE Level 1 shoulder armour
  • CE Level 1 elbow armour
  • CE Level 1 knee armour
  • Four way stretch paneling
  • Fixed mesh lining
  • Race cuffs
  • Neoprene race collar
  • Max zippers
  • Double leather in seat area
  • TPU shoulder cups
  • Isle Of Man TT Knee sliders
  • Available in Black and Black/White
  • Available in sizes 38 – 50

RST have been official safety partners with the Isle Of Man TT races for many years and have secured this position for another five years. In celebration of their commitment to the legendary road racing at the Isle Of Man, RST have introduced the Grandstand One Piece suit, a redesigned version of their comfortable and functional R-18 one piece suit complete with official Isle Of Man TT branding and logos.

The suit is ergonomic is design and with a less aggressive cut than that of other RST suits. This one piece leather suit is created in a traditional cowhide leather construction for superb abrasion resistance, a welcomed feature when sliding across the tarmac, whether you're on the road on the track. The seat area of the suit consists of a double layered leather for additional abrasion resistance at an area typical of experience the most abrasion during a slide.

This leather one piece suit comes complete with CE Level 1 protection as standard. A CE Level 1 back protector, CE Level 1 shoulder, CE Level 1 elbow armour and CE Level 1 knee armour provide great protection against impacts should they occur and fit secure into the specified pockets, ensuring that the protection doesn’t move when you’re sliding across the ground at speed. The TPU shoulder cups also help your body to slide in a controlled manner, rather than letting the leather grab the road surface and cause more damage. The TPU sliders feature a lower friction coefficient than that of standard carbon sliders found on other race suits. As part of the Isle Of Man TT collection, this leather suit features Isle Of Man TT knee sliders, completing the TT racer aesthetic.

The relaxed fit of these motorcycle leathers makes them ergonomic both on the track and off it. The less aggressive cut of the suit makes it much more comfortable to walk around in, whether this is around the paddock or at a local bike night. The four way stretch paneling allows for a full free range of movement that returns to its natural shape when your return to riding your bike. It also allows for movement around the bike when leaning from left to right when out on the track.

The fixed mesh lining found within the leathers allows for a superb flow of air within the suit when riding, allowing cool air to circulate as your ride for improved comfort when riding. Adding to the comfort of the suit are the neoprene race collar and race cuffs. Tight fitting to reduce the suit billowing at speed, the collar and cuff are lined with soft neoprene for a comfortable surface for your skin. The suit features a MAX central zipper for a reliable a secure clothing to the suit, along with a Velcro fastener at the collar of the suit to keep the zip in place and away from your tank when riding in a tucked position, reducing the chances of your zipper catching and scratching the tank. MAX zippers are also used at the ankle of the suit, allowing for the suit to be opened up wide enough for you to comfortable and easily get the suit on and off.

Available in Black and Black / White and in sizes 38 – 50.

Product Brand:
Mens / Unisex
  • Black


Clothing type:
  • Leather Suits
  • Leather
  • 38"
  • 40"
  • 42"
  • 44"
  • 46"
  • 48"
  • 50"
  • Back
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Knee
  • Summer / Vented
  • Knee Sliders
  • Race Hump

RST Sizing Chart

Please use the sizing chart below as a guide, for specific measurements or advice please call us on 01623 627600.

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