Hit-Air Saddle Strap (Equestrian)

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Hit-Air Saddle Strap for Equestrian Use

Extra Hit-Air saddle straps allow the rider to connect the Hit-Air lanyard safely and securely to multiple saddles. If the rider has several different horses, this saves time and fuss adjusting and fiddling with straps before riding. It is recommended that a separate saddle strap and Hit-Air lanyard is attached to each different saddle.

There are two different lengths of saddle strap: Standard (Black/Yellow) and Long (Black/Blue). The Long saddle strap is suitable for fitting to a wider saddle. Please choose the appropriate option from the drop-down menu above.

How to attach the saddle strap

Simply remove the stirrups, hook the saddle strap over each of the stirrup bars, replace the stirrups and lock the bars. Thread the lanyard through the central loop of the saddle strap and secure it.

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Hit Air


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