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Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner

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Please Note:This jacket is a unisex fit
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Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner

  • Heating pads on the chest, back, collar, and sleeves
  • Water-repellent, durable, Thinsulate® jacket liner
  • Water resistant zip with secure Velcro collar fastening
  • Teflon® coated, wind-resistant, soft nylon shell
  • Compressible for tucking away on a trip
  • Glove plug pockets placed on the sleeves
  • Sleeve plugs to fit Gerbing gloves to the liner (please see photo above)
  • Signature Gerbing, bright red inner lining
  • Inside and outside pockets
  • Soft, micro denier collar
  • Firm-fitting patterns, sized to fit under your existing jacket
  • Over 30 metres of heating wire
  • 2 Dual wiring circuits - connect other Gerbing products to the jacket and control independently (for one user only)
  • Please note: This Jacket Liner cannot be used with Gerbing Batteries
  • Lifetime warranty on heating elements (registration of purchase required - please see tab above)
  • Incorporates Gerbing's Microwire® heating technology using micro-sized heating fibres to surround the body with warmth
  • Available in sizes XXS - XXXL

The Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner delivers focused and consistent warmth to the chest, back, arms and collar. Simply fit the liner underneath your existing bike jacket, replacing the jacket liner if there is one, for consistent warmth throughout your upper body.

Although an inner liner the jacket benefits from a wind-resistant soft nylon outer to block out the breeze keeping you comfortable on the go. The water repellent nature of the outer material ensures water will bead off the liner preventing it from soaking through when it's wet. Inside, the Thinsulate® layer offers warm, fleecy insulation to complement the internal heating elements. It is best used over a simple base layer for maximum comfort. Also, with a lifetime guarantee on the Microwire heating elements, you can look forward to many warm winter seasons wearing the Gerbing heated jacket liner.

The Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner comes complete with all wiring required to connect to your bike's 12v battery. There are also two sleeve plugs, allowing you to attach a further two of any Gerbing products such as gloves, trousers or socks, to the liner. There's a small pocket for you to store the plugs when you don't need them.

Additional accessories, such as extension cords, temperature control units and cigarette plug adapter kits, are optional and available separately. However, Gerbing strongly recommend purchasing a Gerbing Temperature Controller - single or double - for adjusting the temperature on the liner. The jacket operates at 77 watts and is the hottest product in their range, a controller ensures you can adapt the temperature as you need, particularly to keep it from overheating and becoming uncomfortable. Please see 'similar products' above for these.

The Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner is an absolute necessity for all-weather motorcyclists. Compressible and easy to store, you can tuck the jacket away in your seat, backpack or tank bag, making it ideal for long riding trips which may bring unpredictable weather conditions.


Heat: Microwire

Source: 12v-DC

Current: 6.5 amps

Watts: 77 Watts

Surface Temp: 52°C +/- 2°C at 0°C

Four temperature options

Note: If you are purchasing the Gerbing heated jacket liner to use with other Gerbing heated clothing (e.g gloves) you will need to purchase a Gerbing Splitter Cable. The same applies if you just have a Gerbing Single Temperature Controller. However, if you have a Gerbing Dual Temperature Controller this will act as a splitter cable so you won't need an additional cable.

Delivery note: The Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner will be sent via DPD as Royal Mail are unable to carry lithium batteries. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Product Brand:
Mens / Unisex
  • Black


Base Layer Type:
  • Jacket
Clothing type:
  • Base Layers
  • Heated Clothing
  • Textile
  • 26"
  • 28"
  • 30"
  • 32"
  • 34"
  • 36"
  • 38"
  • 40"
  • 42"
  • 44"
  • 46"
  • 48"
  • 50"
  • 52"
  • 54"
  • 56"
  • Classic
  • Heated
  • Thermal Liner
  • Matching Trousers Available

Sizing Guide

When selecting the size of your Gerbing heated jacket liner it's recommended that you choose a close fit. If the jacket is too loose, the heating effect will not be as strong.

Frequently Asked Questions - Gerbing Heated Jacket Liner

  • Can you wear the Gerbing 12v Jacket with Gerbing gloves? Yes you can wear the jacket along with a pair of 12V Gerbing Gloves, in addition to socks or trousers. The liner is fitted with plug connectors for the jacket, gloves and trousers /socks.
  • How do you connect the jacket and gloves? You have two options; a 12V Splitter Cable or dual controller. Either will plug into the sleeves of the jacket and the gloves but the second allows you to operate the temperature on each separately. The jacket can be one temperature whilst the gloves are another.
  • Can you use an extension cable for more movement when you ride? The Gerbing Cord Extension is created for just this, offering 50cm more wire space.
I only had the jacket on the midpoint 3 setting and was boiling! So there is a lot of heat capacity for when it gets really cold. My only complaint is that the wires to attach to the gloves are too short.

Good supply and once I got organised with the wires, the jacket performs very well overall.

I purchased from two wheel centre the gerbing t5 gloves last year as I use my motorcycle everyday to get to and from work. In the colder months it is not always pleasant, but the Gerbings gloves did the trick and kept me nice and toasty! Therefore I have decided to treat myself to the Gerbing jacket liner this year and I am really happy with my decision! Would also like to thank two wheel centre for all the help and advise.

I am really impressed with the quality of this heated jacket liner. I will definately be back soon to buy some of the heated gloves to go with it!

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How to care for your Gerbing gear

  • Rubber cap: When you aren't using the battery harness keep the rubber cap in place, in winter or summer, whether plugged in or not. If this becomes damp the plug will begin to corrode.
  • Damp inhibitor: Treat plugs with a damp inhibitor such as WD40 or ACF
  • Waterproof the gloves: Use a leather conditioner/waterproofer, such as Nikwax®. A Hipora® liner sits inside the gloves and so water will soak through the outside liner if left unprotected.
  • Washing instructions: Gerbing recommend hand washing jackets, trousers and socks with a mild detergent. Hang on a line to dry naturally, don't tumble dry.
  • Packing Gerbing items: It's possible to roll the kit tightly to pack away.

Gerbing's Warranty Explained

To Validate your lifetime warranty, please ensure you register your product within 60 days of purchase.

Heating elements:

The heating elements in Gerbing products are covered for a lifetime.

Manufacturing faults:

Any non-electrical components of Gerbing clothing is covered for one year from purchase.

Temperature controllers and accessories:

Temperature controllers, accesories or electrical components are warranted against factory defect for three years from purchase.

Rechargeable batteries and chargers

Gerbing's rechargeable Lithium/NMH battery packs and chargers are covered for 90 days from purchase. Providing the product hasn't been altered.