Datatool Stealth S5 Motorcycle Tracking / Tracker Device

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One of our in-house technicians will fit the Datatool Stealth S5 GPS motorcycle tracker as part of your purchase price of £359; please call us on 01623 627600 to arrange an appointment for installation. This motorcycle tracking system must be fitted by Two Wheel Centre or other registered Datatool approved dealer.

Please fill out our enquiry form for advice on having a Datatool Stealth S5 Device fitted, we aim to respond within one working day.

The essential motorcycle tracking system that you can’t afford to be without! With motorcycle theft on the rise in the UK, around 60 motorcycles and scooters being stolen every single day, equating to almost £8 million worth of bikes every month. Don’t let your motorcycle become another crime statistic! Can you afford to be without the Datatool Stealth S5?

  • Full 24/7 monitoring and recovery assistance: The Datatool Stealth S5 activates as soon as the ignition of your vehicle is turned off and uses sophisticated GPS tracking and GLONASS Satellite Location to pinpoint the location of your vehicle when unattended.

  • Always in the know: The Datatool Stealth S5 constantly monitors your bikes position, with a geofence set up around your vehicle when left unattended. If the Stealth S5 detects any movement without your knowledge, you will be notified via SMS text message alerting you to the fact that your motorcycle is being moved. If your motorcycle moves completely outside the established Geofence, you will receive a call from Datatool’s 24/7 monitoring team; once you confirm that a theft is taking place, Datatool’s dedicated vehicle monitoring team inform and work with the Police to aid recovery.

  • Battery monitoring: Datatool Stealth S5 monitors that battery life of your motorcycle, alerting you to the condition of your battery before the battery runs flat. The Stealth S5 has an unbelievably low power draw, ensuring that the S5 is not pulling considerate current from your bike and ruining your motorcycle battery. If a thief attempts to disconnect your battery, a notification of this will be sent to the 24/7 vehicle monitoring team. Garage mode can be enabled via the Datatool Stealth S5 smartphone application, allowing you work on your motorcycle without triggering alerts and monitoring responses.

  • Reliable in all conditions: Thatcham approved to Thatcham S7-ALS Accredited status, along with IP67 certification as both dustproof and waterproof. Whether you’re riding a sports bike or an off-road machine, the Datatool Stealth S5 can handle the conditions with ease. With a 36 month warranty period, you can confidently fit and forget your motorcycle tracker, safe in the knowledge your Datatool Stealth S5 is looking after your pride and joy.

  • Full journey tracking: This motorcycle tracker from Datatool improves over its previous incarnation with the inclusion of a journey tracker, recording the position of your vehicle every 20 seconds and uploading the information to the cloud every 2 minutes, giving you a record of your journey, with coverage available in the whole of western Europe, with coverage being added in more countries regularly.

  • G-Sense Notifications: The ultimate in impact detection, this motorcycle tracker helps keep you safe as well as your bike. With a highly sensitive 3D accelerometer, the Datatool Stealth S5 can distinguish the difference between toppling over in a car park and impacts that occur at higher speeds. SMS text notifications can be sent to your loved ones, alerting them to the events, and as an optional upgrade to your Datatool subscription, you can be linked directly to the emergency services, informing them of the incident.

  • Location based alerts: This motorcycle tracker uses its positioning software to send an alert to you based on your vehicle arriving or leaving a user specified area which can be used, for example, as reminders to pay a toll at a toll road.

  • Tracker Subscription: Remotely access your Stealth S5 via your smartphone and view your account details, manage your settings and locate your motorcycle or scooter at any time. Subscription to the Datatool Stealth S5 is charged at £9.95 a month on a 12-month contract or you can pay a full 12-month contract upfront for £109.00.

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