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The thinking behind UTAG.

Motorcyclists are very aware that the joys of biking come with unavoidable risks and that accidents can happen. Some already carry contact information in case of emergency but it is difficult to make this visible and accessible and it can be overlooked.

The creator of the UTAG wanted a product that could easily be seen and identified as containing emergency information and could be worn in a visible place. It needed to carry all the information a rider felt was necessary to help in an emergency situation. It had to give the rider the best possible chances of communicating with the emergency services, letting them know who to contact on their behalf and pass on any medical information they wanted to make available. It also needed to be something a rider would want to wear and would be seen as a worthwhile and fashionable accessory.

The answer is UTAG.

UTAG utilises the latest USB technology to give electronic data storage, in a style that mimics a traditional dogtag. Clearly displayed on it are the international medical symbol (the snake and staff) and the letter ICE which the emergency services are using to denote 'In Case of Emergency'. It can be worn as a dogtag, a zip pull or on a keyring.

The unique software has been developed to be easy to use and can include emergency phone contacts, photo ID, GP information and medical information (all fields are optional).

The lightweight aluminium dogtag design gives it a stylish edge and it comes with an additional blank dogtag to personalise.

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