Sidi Atojo SRS MX Boots - Yellow Flo/White/Blue


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Sidi Atojo SRS MX Boots - Yellow Flo/White/Blue

  • Sidi Off Road/ MX Boots
  • CE Certified
  • SRS Sole Replacement System
  • TechnoMicro microfibre outer construction
  • Anatomically shaped PU shin plate
  • Anatomically shaped PU heel plate
  • PU exterior bootleg
  • PU interior bootleg
  • Replaceable metatarsus protection
  • Three exterior hyperextension systems
  • Micro adjustable and replaceable buckle closure system
  • Inner leg grip panel
  • Elasticated upper gaiter
  • 3D mesh interior lining

One of the most comfortable and protective motocross boots ever produced, the Sidi Atojo MX boots have been developed with professional rider feedback, in order to create a truly fantastic MX boot.

Gathering its name from the three key influencers of its design (Alessandro Lupino, Antonio Cairoli and Jorge Prado), the Sidi Atojo boots already boast a championship pedigree complete with top level specification. These Sidi MX boots are created in a Technomicro microfibre; this incredible material performs like traditional leather for a familiar feel when worn, but with greater strength and a lighter overall weight. Completely CE Certified, the Sidi Atojo boots are brilliantly abrasion resistant thanks to their increased strength, ensuring you remain protected when you need it most. This microfibre outer construction is backed up by a host of additional external and internal protection elements, designed to protect you from anything that the track may throw at you.

The inclusion of a polyurethane hard shin plate offers a great degree of impact protection. This shin plate is anatomically shaped, designed to offer incredible protection without compromising the natural shape of the boot for a comfortable riding experience without intrusion. The polyurethane heel plate has also been developed for improved safety and enhanced stability and ergonomics. As an added bonus, the metatarsus protection is replaceable, allowing you to quickly change this protection out if it becomes damaged or has been subjected to extreme wear against the side of the bike.

The outer toe box of the boot is wrapped in polyurethane protection, with an embossed design atop the foot to increase grip when changing gear, a welcomed feature for those riding in thick mud and wet conditions. The toe box is also slightly wider that the Sidi Crossfire 3 boots, offering a much more comfortable fit and a more natural feel when riding for all day comfort.

A combination of hinge systems and anti-hyperextension systems offer a natural range of movement when walking and riding, without sacrificing protection. Two hinges positioned under the ankle and above the ankle help to improve flexibility and improve movement while still retaining a rigid outer profile. The three anti hyperextension systems are all removable and can be found at the lower hinge, the back of the boot and the front of the boot beneath the PU shin plate. This allows a specific range of movement, immediately restricting movement that is unnatural or excessive. The inclusion of these systems maximises their usability, and gives you increased peace of mind when riding hard that your new Sidi Atojo boots will keep you protected even if the worst occurs.

The party piece of these Sidi SRS boots is the inclusion of a sole replacement system. This allows the rider to choose the sole they wish to use, ranging from a more adventure or off road style sole to a more road friendly supermoto oriented sole. Should you find that you've worn the sole out of your new Sidi off road boots, you can quickly replace these soles thanks to a simple four screw attachment, letting you change the sole at the side of the track with ease.

The micro adjustable buckle system makes for a fast, easy closure to these motocross boots. Simple adjustments make it easy to tailor the fit and feel of your new Sidi boots to suit you. Put on, snap shut, hit the dirt! These micro buckles are replaceable should they become damaged through intensive riding. for increased grip against the side of the bike, city have included inner leg grip panels which are rubberised and embossed in order to provide maximum grip when riding hard as well as helping to protect the paint work of your bike.

Additional comforts come in the form of a 3D mesh interior lining. The 3D aspect of this mesh interior allows air to easily and efficiently circulate throughout the boot, keeping your feet fresh and dry, no matter how hard you ride. The inclusion of an elasticated upper gaiter helps to keep any dirt, debris and other detritus out of your boots whilst retaining a secure, comfortable fit.

Available in a range of colourful options with a large size range, you’re sure to find a Sidi Atojo boot to suit you.

Product Brand:
Mens / Unisex
  • Blue
  • Multi
  • Yellow


Boots Type:
  • MX / Enduro Boots
Boots Outer Material:
  • Microfibre
Boot Length:
Regular / Calf
Fastening System:
  • Velcro
  • Ratchet
  • Shin Protection
  • Ankle Protectors
Boot Size:
  • UK 7 / EUR 41
  • UK 8 / EUR 42
  • UK 9 / EUR 43
  • UK 9.5 / EUR 44
  • UK 10 / EUR 45
  • UK 11 / EUR 46
  • UK 12 / EUR 47

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