Shoei Neotec 3 - Grasp TC10

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Shoei Neotec 3

  • High spec flip front touring helmet
  • ECE 22:06 approved
  • Advanced Integrated Matrix (AIM shell)
  • Multi-density EPS lining
  • Three shell sizes
  • Five sizes of EPS lining
  • Anti scratch CNS-3C Pinlock Ready visor
  • Pinlock Max Vision anti-mist insert included
  • Retractable interior sun visor
  • Removable, washable comfort inner linings
  • Removable, washable chinstrap cover
  • Noise reducing ear pads
  • Prepared for Sena SRL-3 communication system
  • Multiple ventilation and extraction points
  • Increased airflow
  • Wind tunnel engineered
  • New visor positioning
  • Specialised beading at visor for optimum sealing
  • Integrated rear spoiler
  • Stainless steel micro ratchet fastening system
  • Five year Shoei warranty
  • Available in sizes XS – XXL

For many years, the Shoei Neotec helmets have been the go to choice for those looking for a flip-front helmet that is as capable in everyday commuting as it is when long distance touring. The Shoei Neotec 3 brings a host of revisions and improvements to an already premium flip front touring helmet, and features ECE 22:06 approval for your peace of mind that you are riding in the very best in protection and performance.

The Shoei Neotec 3 is created in an AIM outer shell, a combination of organic and multi-composite fibres woven together to form an incredibly strong matrix. Beneath this AIM outer shell lies a multi-density EPS lining, offering superior impact protection and helping to cushion the effects of a high impact situation by reducing the energy that is transferred to your head. The introduction of the ECE 22:06 helmet safety standard introduces additional considerations for protection in motorcycle helmets such as low-speed impact testing, multi-directional impacts and the transferal of rotational energy to the rider. The new Shoei Neotec 3 has passed these standards of testing with ease, awarding the helmet it's ECE 22:06 certification and giving you peace of mind that you are riding in a helmet that offers a truly advanced level of protection when it is needed most.

The shell of the Neo-tec 3 is created in three shell sizes with five EPS sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit to your helmet without any unnecessary padding. The linings found within the Shoei Neotec 3 are plush and comfortable, making for a sublime environment for your head and a helmet you’ll be very happy to wear, whether on short commutes or long distance rides. These interior linings are anti-bacterial and moisture wicking, drawing moisture away from your head in warmer temperatures and spreading this moisture out for faster evaporation, keeping your head fresh and dry. The linings within the helmet are removable and washable, letting you retain that fresh helmet feeling for longer. The Shoei Neotec 3 features a newly designed neckroll profile, which fits closer to the riders neck, which when combined with the chin curtain helps to stop wind from entering into the bottom of the helmet and thereby reducing unnecessary wind noise and turbulence.

The outer shell of the new Neotec 3 helmet retains the recognisable Neotec profile with subtle changes to the outer shell to increase its performance. Features such as the newly shaped lines and more prominent spoiler and neckroll areas help the Neotec 3 helmet to reduce turbulence and excessive wind noise when riding, by effectively channelling air around the helmet. The Neotec 3 retains the simple pull tab at the chin bar which allows the rider to lift up the front area of the helmet for a very different riding experience. Thanks to the inclusion of the dual locking recesses built into the flip front mechanism, you don't have to search for a pesky visor lock button; simply lifting the chin bar up into the second of its flip front positions is all you need.

As part of the introduction of the new ECE 22:06 helmet standards, the Shoei Neotec3 features a centrally locking visor mechanism with a button release, included to minimise the chances of your visor opening in the event of an accident. The visor is opened by simply depressing the button at the chin to release the pressure, allowing you to then open the visor. The Neotec 3 features a clear outer visor as standard, which is anti-scratch coated, optically correct and ready to accept the Pinlock anti-mist insert which is included with your purchase. The Pinlock insert acts as double glazing for your helmet, limiting the misting up of the visor and leaving you with a clear field of view when riding in cooler weather.

The Shoei Neotec 3 features a QSV-2 retractable sun visor, operated by a familiar, durable lever system found at the left side of the helmet. This sun visor features two settings, allowing you to choose how far you would like the sun visor to be lowered. This is done with two locking pins found at the inner visor area, allowing you to lock and limit how far the sun visor drops down. These locking pins can also be used to lock the sun visor in place, stopping the sun visor from moving when trying to remove it or when cleaning the visor whilst it is still in the helmet.

Rather than simply wind tunnel test their helmets when they are completed, Shoei's design engineers develop their helmets in the wind tunnel, carefully sculpting their helmets to perform perfectly in every situation. This dedication to the craft of motorcycle helmet development sets them apart from every other helmet brand. This wind tunnel development allows the engineers to ensure the effectiveness of their ventilation system, which has been improved by redesigning the upper vent with an increased capacity vent, maximising the airflow into the helmet when riding in warmer temperatures and a welcomed feature for summer riders. The large capacity chin vent of the Shoei Neotec 3 is taken from Shoei's new NXR 2 helmet and channels large amounts of cool air up to the visor area to help with demisting while the rear extraction vents encourage warm air to escape from within the helmet for a complete cooling experience.

Shoei's partnership with Sena Intercoms continues from the original concept found in the Neotec 2 to the slimmer, sleeker offering showcased here on the Neotec 3. Retaining the neat and integrated functionality with an even slimmer profile, the Sena SRL-3 intercom fits seamlessly into the helmet and ensures that you can stay connected to your riding partners without interfering with the aerodynamic or safety properties of the helmet. Finally, the Shoei Neotec 3 closes with an adjustable stainless steel micro ratchet which is easy to operate even while wearing thicker winter gloves and features reflective stitching to help further improve your visibility when riding in low light conditions.

Available in sizes XS – XXL and in both plain colours and graphics, you’re sure to find the right Shoei Neotec 3 for you.

Mens / Unisex


Helmet Type:
Flip Front Helmets
Pinlock Ready
Inner Lining:
Moisture Wicking advanced anti bacterial fabric
Extensive ventilation
Sun Visor:

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