Scottoiler - The E System v3.1

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The Scottoiler E System has consistently been one of our best-selling Scottoiler products since its release. Now in it's latest incarnation, the Scottoiler E-System V3.1 builds upon the technology utilised in the original E-System with several software and hardware improvements to make the Scottoiler E-System V3.1 the most advanced automatic chain lubrication system ever.

Recently awarded Motorcycle News' Product Of The Year award, the Scottoiler E-System V3.1 is powered via the motorcycle battery, as opposed to the earlier conceived vacuum operated Scottoiler V-System. This plug and play connectivity makes the Scottoiler E-System V3.1 incredibly easy to install, with no complicated electrical wiring or splicing into existing electronics. With less than a one milli-amp current draw from the battery, you needn't worry about the Scottoiler E-System draining the power from your motorcycle battery when parked.

The eSystem senses vibration and movement with a triple axis accelerometer, using technology derived from MotoGP. It will sense when the engine is running and power on, then once moving – even at constant motorway cruising speeds – the sensor will monitor engine vibrations and trigger the eSystem’s oiling mode. The system displays this information on the screen along with the flow rate, the temperature in Celsius, and oil level alongside the accelerometer readout.

As upgrades over the earlier Scottoiler E-System, the v3.1 version features memory retaining settings between rides, a self-calibration feature and new and improved flow rates,. Within the box, you'll find all your necessary parts for fitment and usage, included and bottle of Scottoil to keep your covered for your first 5,000 miles.

Need help fitting your new Scottoiler system to your bike? Check out Scottoiler technical support and model specific installation guides here.

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