RST Pro Series Airbag CE Leather One Piece Suit - White/Neon Green


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RST Pro Series Airbag CE Leather One Piece Suit - White/Neon Green

  • CE Rating: AAA
  • Track Fit Profile
  • Designed with World Superbike Racer and three time Suzuka 8 hour winner Alex Lowes
  • Fitted In&Motion Airbag system
  • Premium Drum Dyed Cowhide Leather Construction
  • In&Motion CE Level 1 Back Protector
  • CE Level 2 Shoulder Armour
  • CE Level 2 Elbow Armour
  • CE Level 2 Hip Armour
  • CE Level 1 Knee Armour
  • TPU Shoulder Cups
  • TPU Knee Cups
  • Quick Release Knee Sliders
  • Elbow Sliders
  • Fixed 3D Quickdry Mesh Interior Lining
  • Four-Way Woven Stretch Panelling
  • Full Body Accordion Stretch Panelling
  • Perforated Panel Ventilation Areas
  • Rubberised Kevlar Material At Inner Knee
  • Neoprene Comfort Race Collar
  • Neoprene Comfort Race Cuffs
  • Aerodynamic Race Hump
  • Available In Black or White/Black as standard with special order colours available
  • Available In Sizes 38” – 50”

RST have further championed their Airbag range with a host of new Airbag Leather Suits for their latest collection. Focussing more on the track day enthusiast and road rider, the RST Pro Series Airbag suit is aggressive in its shaping, offering a sporty riding cut, with greater all-day comfort than that of the RST V4.1 Airbag Suit.

RST have worked extensively with World Superbike racer and three-time Suzuka Eight Hour winner Alex Lowes in the design of the Pro Series Airbag Suit for improved functionality, ergonomics and performance. The suit itself is made from a high-quality drum dyed cowhide leather construction, offering a familiar feel to this one-piece suit as well as unparalleled strength and abrasion resistance should the worst occur. The RST Pro Series Airbag suit has been created with the In&Motion airbag system at the heart of the design. In&Motion are well known in the field of airbag technology, developing airbag vests for skiing, equestrian and motorcycle purposes, usually in the form of an airbag vest, worn on the exterior of existing clothing or as a vest worn underneath. However, with the RST Pro Series Airbag Suit, the airbag technology is fitted directly into the suit, inflating to cover the back and chest, maximising your safety should the worst occur. The benefit to fixing the airbag directly into the suit ensures that the protection is in the right place at the right time, as well as RST’s development and quality assurance ensuring that the garments which the airbags are fitted to can withstand the additional strain and pressure of an airbag within, something some motorcycle garments would fail at.

Since the airbag system is already fitted to the suit, there’s no issues or hassle of fitting the airbag system into the suit. Fitting the In&Box into your RST airbag suit is easy, with a dedicated cut-out within the supplied CE approved back protector; simply plug in and put on and you’re ready for the racetrack. When the box is initially activated, you are entitled to 48 hours of protection for free, so you can get straight on your bike as soon as your new airbag leather suit arrives. A subscription service is required to ensure that you remain protected, which can be completed at the In&Motion website and can be paid either monthly or annually, whichever you prefer. This subscription offers continuous optimisation with the latest algorithms and updates to ensure that the protection you are receiving is nothing but the best. When registering the In&Box with In&Motion, you are given the choice to activate the Track Option at an additional cost; the airbag algorithms within the In&Box are different between road usage and race circuits and requires changing depending on how you are using the suit*.

The subscription also grants full access to the My In&Box app, which is available on both the iOS and Android app stores. This application allows you to monitor the battery levels within the In&Box, ensure that the In&Box is properly connected, check whether there are any updates to the existing airbag software and more. The subscription also offers an unlimited guarantee**, giving you peace of mind that you’re investing in a quality piece of technology. Plus, thanks to the VIP service included with the subscription, if your In&Box does encounter any issues, you’ll be shipped a new In&Box from In&Motion straight away, even if you haven’t returned yours yet!*** The shaping of the box means that the In&Motion box can be used across the whole RST airbag range, meaning that you don’t have to purchase additional boxes and subscriptions. Head out on your sports bike in the new RST Pro Series Airbag Race Suit one weekend, remove the In&Box and attach it to your new RST Adventure X Airbag Jacket and jump on board your adventure bike next weekend with ease.

The airbag suit can withstand multiple detonations of the airbag vest, however in your best interests, RST recommend that the suit be returned after three detonations so that the suit can be checked by RST. This inspection service is carried out free of charge by RST as part of their commitment to keeping you safe. Each detonation uses a pressurised canister to expand the airbag and keep you safe, which will need to be replaced after the detonation and are available to purchase separately. Once the airbag has been deployed, the garment will remain fully inflated for ten seconds before slightly deflating to 80% capacity, ensuring you remain protected when laid on the ground but subsiding enough for you to take the garment off. In order to fully deflate the airbag suit, simply release the canister from the suit; this will activate a release valve within the airbag mechanism, slowly deflating the garment.

In addition to the inclusion of the airbag system, you’ll also find a full suite of CE approved armour; CE Level 2 Armour can be found at the shoulders, elbows and hips, with the inclusion of CE Level 1 knee armour and the CE Level 1 In&Motion back protector which houses the In&Box for the airbag protection system. Look to the shoulders and knees and you’ll notice the RST TPU Cups fitted in these areas, offering impact protection from the exterior of the suit and helping the suit to slide rather than grip at these areas. They’re also particularly stylish and contribute nicely to the instantly recognisable RST leather suit look. Beneath the TPU knee cups you’ll find RST knee sliders, which help to complete the factory racing fit and feel of the suit. These sliders are quick release thanks to an easy to use ring pull style system, letting you remove your knee sliders and replace them quickly and get back on track. Elbow sliders are present too, with a simple Velcro attachment, if you’re brave enough to get your elbow down too! Finally, a rubberised Kevlar material at the inside of the knees offers a supreme level of resilience while providing great grip on the side of the tank, perfect for hanging off the bike when cornering and under hard braking.

Despite the heavy-duty nature of this airbag leather race suit, there are also been careful considerations made in terms of rider comfort. A woven four-way stretch material can be seen in many places around the suit, such as a long length section that runs from the wrist, through the inner arm and up to the collar. This material is also found at the rear of the ankle and working its way up the crotch area of the suit. This material offers a stretchy feel and a very accommodating fit to the suit, a welcomed feature when riding aggressively or walking through the paddock. The four way stretch materials used in the RST Pro Series suit is seam free; no unnecessary seams means no unnecessary rubbing or chaffing in these areas! There’s also extensive accordion stretch panels throughout the RST Pro Series suit, most noticeably a full-length panel at each side of the torso. This not only offers a greater range of movement but also ensures that the suit can reasonably expand should the airbag system be inflated in the event of an off. A large size aerodynamic race hump can be found at the rear, helping create a impeccable aerodynamic riding profile when tucked against the tank and working perfectly with racing helmet than feature longer spoilers.

Ventilation is particularly important in leather race suits, and this is addressed through the inclusion of perforated panel ventilation throughout the suit, at both the front and rear. This allows masses of cool air to enter directly into the suit, as well as allowing the warm air within the suit to escape efficiently. Within the suit is a 3D Quickdry mesh lining, which lets the incoming air circulate within the suit for full body cooling while the 3D functionality of the lining helps to stop the leather sticking to skin when out on particularly hot days. For additional comfort, the Neoprene race cuffs of the suit are very comfortable when closed, limiting the irritation that can be felt with substandard materials at this area. The same material is also found at the collar of the suit, making for a comfortable suit when riding or racing.

Available in Black or White/Black as standard and in sizes 38” – 52”. A host of other special order colours are available – please contact us to discuss availability.

* Using the In&Motion airbag system in a non-compatible combination could cause the system to malfunction in the event of an accident.

** The In&Box warranty applies only if the system is used under appropriate conditions. On track (approved closed circuit), the ‘track mode’ must be activated.

*** If your problem is not resolved remotely by the In&Motion team.

Product Brand:
Mens / Unisex
  • Green


Clothing type:
  • Leather Suits
  • Leather
  • 38"
  • 40"
  • 42"
  • 44"
  • 46"
  • 48"
  • 50"
Leg length:
  • Regular
  • Back
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Knee
  • Hip
  • Summer / Vented
  • Air Vest
  • Knee Sliders
  • Race Hump

RST Sizing Chart

Please use the sizing chart below as a guide, for specific measurements or advice please call us on 01623 627600.

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