RST GT CE Leather Jacket - Black / Blue

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RST GT CE Leather Jacket - Black / Blue

  • CE Approved – Level AAA
  • Profile sports/street cut
  • CE Level 2 back protector
  • CE Level 2 shoulder armour
  • CE Level 2 elbow armour
  • 360° connection zip
  • High quality MAX zips
  • 3D bubble mesh lining
  • Perforated paneling
  • TPU shoulder cups
  • Available in four colours
  • Available in 40 – 50

Approved to the highest in safety standards, the RST GT jacket has received a CE Approved rating of AAA, the highest rating available. Created from a drum dyed full grain Brazilian cowhide leather, the GT jacket is a road focused jacket, that is ready to tackle the road at a moment’s notice. The ergonomic cut of this jacket makes for a comfortable jacket that makes road riding easier and safer.

The jacket has achieved a CE approved AAA rating and it’s easy to see why. The Brazilian cowhide leather construction of this RST jacket makes for high abrasion resistant material which is coupled with Level 2 protection at the back, shoulder and elbows. These strategically placed protectors effectively dissipate impact energy in the event of an accident. The strategically placed pockets for the CE approved level 2 armour stop the armour from moving around, ensuring that the armour is always in the right place when you need it most.

The three-dimensional bubble mesh lining found within the jacket allows for increased air circulation within the jacket, keeping you cool as you ride. Perforated paneling on the jacket is found at both the front and rear of the jacket, allowing for a direct cool air flow into this RST jacket, as well as allowing the warm, stale air to escape from within the jacket, keeping your base layers fresh and dry ready for when you arrive at your destination.

This leather jacket features the same TPU shoulder cups as the premium RST racing leathers, which are ergonomically shaped and positioned to reduce the friction coefficient that causes leather to catch the tarmac. The TPU shoulder cups have a lower fiction coefficient than that or carbon shoulder cups, allowing for a more controlled slide should the situation demand it.

This leather jacket features large accordion style stretch paneling, allowing for a free range of movement, unrestricted by the rigidity of the material used. This makes for a much more comfortable fitting jacket, both on and off the bike. The waist of the jacket features a Velcro adjustment, letting you tailor the fit of the jacket to suit your body shape. A large leather area at the base of the jacket minimises exposure of the small of the back on the jacket when riding in a tucked position.

The jacket features a 360° connection zipper for zipping into the RST GT Leather Trousers and other compatible RST trousers. This connection zipper limits the warm air escaping from within your jacket and trousers when riding in the cooler months of the year as well as stopping the small of your back from becoming exposed in the event of a slide across the tarmac. A MAX zipper runs through the centre of the jacket for a secure and reliable closure of the jacket along with all pockets, both internal and external.

Available in four colours and in sizes 38-56. Matching RST GT trousers available for the perfect two-piece jacket and jean combination.

Product Brand:
Mens / Unisex
  • Blue


Clothing type:
  • Leather Jackets
  • Leather
  • 40"
  • 42"
  • 44"
  • 46"
  • 48"
  • 50"
  • Back
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Short / Sports
  • Summer / Vented
  • Matching Trousers Available

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