Richa D30 Shoulder Protectors

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Richa D30 Shoulder Protectors

  • Shock absorbent CE shoulder protection
  • Unique patented technology
  • Low profile and flexible armour
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Perforated for breathability
  • Comes as a set of two

A new, unique technology developed for motorcycle armour is incorporated in the D30 protectors. The armour in its general state is free and flexible, it will move with the contours of your body as you ride, it's lightweight and comfortable. Upon impact the armour tenses together, absorbs shock and disperses the energy, the harder the fall, the more the armour will resist. The armour will then return to its flexible state.

The armour can slot into shoulder protection pockets, often already sewn into textile or leather jackets. If pockets aren't pre-sewn into the jacket it is easy to sew them in.

The Richa D30 Shoulder protectors come as a pair, elbow protection is also available, please see 'similar products' above.

Product Brand:

Body Armour

  • Insert
  • Shoulder

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