What’s new with RST? New RST 2021 Collection Highlights

While the country was plunged into multiple lockdowns over the last 12 months, RST took the opportunity to design some incredible items, ready to make your 2021 riding season the best that it can be. You’ve got plenty of lost riding time to make up. Thanks to the new RST collection, you can do it with style, comfort and safety.

Let’s take a peek at some highlights of the RST 2021 collection!

The cost of inflation…

A couple of years back, RST introduced us to their built-in airbags. It was a standing ovation moment, and in many ways it still is. Competitor companies were retailing leather suits with built-in airbags but at prices that put them way out of reach of the everyday biker. RST unveiled a one-piece suit that featured everything that a premium race suit needs with built-in airbag technology for under the £1,000 mark. Incredible when a trip to a competitor’s website will give your wallet a panic attack, with some suits reaching up to four grand!

New for 2021, RST have done it again! This time, they are offering two new airbag suits for the latest collection, the cheapest of which comes in at under £500. Incredible!

RST Pro Series Airbag CE Leather Suit – White/Black

The RST Pro Series Airbag Suit offers their Track Fit profile, which as the name suggests is primarily focussed on track day riders looking for airbag protection. However, this suit could just as easily be used on a road bike for those in search of a sporty one-piece leather suit with added protection. The Pro Series Suit features all the hallmarks of a top-end race suit. Premium cowhide leather, CE approved armour, race hump, the works. However, the built-in airbag offers a level of protection that simple armour pieces cannot provide.

With a built-in brain box that senses a potential crash, the RST airbag suits deploy the airbag in the event of an accident. It expands around your torso area in a fraction of a second and offers MotoGP level protection for road riders.

The RST Pro Series suit comes in Black and White/Black as standard with some very tasty coloured options available through special order. If you fancy an airbag suit to match your bike, have a chat with us! The airbags also extend to the RST Podium Airbag Suit which, ironically, is designed to be more road-focused. Same cracking airbag system in a more relaxed fit. Perfect for road riders and comes in at under £500.

RST Sabre CE Airbag Textile Jacket – Black

RST have worked hard to bring airbag protection to the masses. If you fancy an airbag leather jacket for your cruiser bike, there’s the RST Fusion Airbag Leather Jacket. More of an adventure rider? Try the RST Adventure-X Airbag Jacket. Lightweight sporty textile lovers will appreciate the RST Sabre Airbag Textile Jacket, a bargain at just £349.99! Will this be the year you buy an airbag motorcycle jacket?

One for the ladies…

RST Tractech Evo 4 Ladies Leather Suit – Black / Grey / Sky Blue

If you’re a lady looking for a leather one-piece suit, RST have got something for you. The Tractech Evo 4 Leather Suit has been a great suit for RST. It offers everything you could need in a one-piece suit, from protection to comfort. Now, you can special order your very own ladies version! Not a shrunken men’s leather suit, but a beautiful, figure-flattering ladies leather suit!

Available in three colours, including a very fetching pink number, the RST Tractech Evo Ladies Leather Suit is the ideal suit for the female biker. Perfectly shaped in premium cowhide leather with CE approved armour along with stretch panelling for easy movement and a mesh interior lining for all-day comfort. If you’re interested in an RST Tractech Evo 4 Ladies Leather Suit, have a chat with our Two Wheel Centre team!

The perfect starter jacket…

RST S-1 CE Textile Jacket – Black/Grey/Neon Green

The RST S-1 Jacket comes in at just £129.99, a bargain price for a textile motorcycle jacket with features like these. CE approved armour at the shoulders and elbows, Sinaqua waterproof lining, removable thermal gilet, air vents… There’s a whole host of features in one neat jacket. The RST S1 even has the same TPU shoulder cups as their top-end race suits! Proper sporty styling without a premium price tag! Plus, it comes in no less than seven different colours, so you can match your jacket to your bike without breaking the bank. The RST S-1 Jacket is definitely one to watch in 2021!

Super duper denim!

RST Single Layer Reinforced Kevlar Jeans

Kevlar riding jeans aren’t exactly something new in the motorcycle world. Everyone knows about them. Chances are you own a pair of Kevlar jeans. They don’t look out of place on cruiser bikes, naked bikes, touring bikes and offer much better protection than your standard denim jeans. The standard pair of Kevlar jeans put layers of Kevlar reinforcement in areas that suffer the most. Unfortunately, this means some areas of the leg aren’t protected. Plus, the dual layers make them a bit sweaty on warmer days. Bit of a bummer but a small price to pay for the increased levels of protection.

However, for the latest collection of RST Kevlar jeans, RST have done things differently. As the name suggests, the RST Single Layer jeans use a singular layer of woven denim and official DuPont Kevlar to create a lightweight, wholly protective and more breathable pair of Kevlar motorcycle jeans.

Plus, the RST Single Layer Reinforced Denim Jeans are the first to offer the Infinite Armour System. Rather than opt for knee armour in a fixed position, or a three-position knee armour system, the Infinite Armour System has the knee armour stored in a specific pocket. This pocket features a heavy-duty Velcro fastening, allowing infinite adjustment up and down the selected area. Finally, some fine-tuning for your knee armour! RST have also included a handy printed ruler on the inside of the jean, letting you match each leg position perfectly.

The gloves are off!

RST Paragon 6 CE Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Cold hands suck! If you’ve ever done considerable riding in the winter, you’ll probably have a flashback to times where your hands were cramping, aching and uncomfortable. Heated grips help, but they only heat the palm of your hands. The wind is hitting the back of your hands first. Heated gloves are the logical and best solution to your winter woes.

New for the 2021 collection, the RST Paragon 6 Heated Motorcycle Gloves refine the developments made on the RST Paragon Thermotech gloves from not too long ago. The new Paragon 6 Heated gloves offer greater heating, with longer heating elements to extend further over the tip of the finger and further back towards the cuff, offering more heat than ever before. With three heat settings and fully waterproof construction, the RST Paragon 6 gloves are sure to be your best friend in the winter season.

RST Tractech Evo 4 CE Leather Gloves – Grey Camo

Also new in the RST gloves range is the new Tractech Evo 4 Leather Gloves. Rather than opt for a standard version and an ‘R’ version, RST have taken all their knowledge and expertise to create one robust yet comfortable sports glove.

This glove now features a memory foam protector at the back of the knuckles for extra comfort. You’ll also find dual layer kangaroo leather backed with official DuPont Kevlar. Heavy-duty protection with compromising on comfort. You’ll also find accordion stretch areas and elasticated bits for freedom of movement. All this makes for a very comfortable road glove that can easily be used as part of your track day get-up. Plus, they’re available in seven colours, so you can match your gloves to your bike!

These boots were made for riding!

RST Pathfinder CE Waterproof Motorcycle Boots

New boots day is a great day! It’s almost as good as new bike day! If you’re planning on doing some serious riding this year, you’ll need some serious boots.

Cast your eyes to the RST Pathfinder Boots. They feature a Sympatex waterproof membrane which remains incredibly breathable in hot weather. Using Sympatex means that you don’t need to rely on the outer material to be breathable in order to have a cool, comfortable motorcycle boot. With a double layer microfibre material, heel cockpit, TPU shin pad and loads of accordion stretch panelling, the RST Pathfinder boots are as protective and comfortable as a touring boot can be.

RST Frontier CE Motorcycle Trainers

If a full length touring boot doesn’t quite tick your box, take a peek at the RST Frontier Boots. More of a short ankle motorcycle trainer, the Frontier is perfect for urban riders. Lightweight, comfortable, integrated protection, fully CE certified… There’s everything you could need in an urban motorcycle trainer on offer here. There’s even a unique little lace garage, which helps keep your lace loops tucked away so that they don’t interfere with your bike controls. Sweet! Plus, there’s a ladies version too so no one gets left out!

Whether it’s leather or textile, jackets or gloves, there’s something for everyone in the 2021 RST collection. With stock arriving imminently, don’t hesitate to give us a call and secure your new RST clothing. 2020 was a write off. Make 2021 your year! Ride your bike as much as you can and enjoy every single mile. We look forward to seeing you all on the roads this year!

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