Suzuki Address 110 – A Great Scooter For Motorhome Trips

Scooter for Motorhome owners Suzuki Address 110

The Suzuki Address 110 is a great choice of scooter for motorhome owners – here’s why…

If you’re a motorhome owner, you’re probably looking forward to this year’s hard-earned holiday already. You might have considered taking a scooter with you on the open road. Adding an extra layer of freedom to your motorhome adventures, a scooter is an easy way to nip out for day trips, explore your surroundings and pop to the shops.

The Suzuki Address 110 is an excellent all-round performer from our range of brand new Suzuki scooters – and it’s cheaper than you might think! The O.T.R. price is only £2,174; and with our Suzuki low rate 3% finance offer, your Suzuki Address 110 could cost you as little as £14 a week.

Read on to find out why the Suzuki Address 110 is a great scooter for motorhome owners…

Light, convenient and cheap

Suzuki Address 110 scooter for motorhome ownersIt doesn’t matter how nifty your scooter is if it won’t fit on the back of your motorhome. All motorhomes have a limited payload weight, and your rack and scooter together need to fit within this weight. Too much weight on the back overloads the rear axle, too – making driving difficult and even dangerous.

So, you’ll need something light! The Suzuki Address 110 has a kerb weight, all fuel and fluids included, of just 97kg. When you first set out on holiday, without fuel in the tank, this should be within the towing restrictions or payload weight of most motorhomes. It goes without saying, but we’re not the experts on four wheels – always check with your manufacturer.

Another important consideration is fuel economy – you don’t want to blow a huge chunk of your holiday budget on fuel for the scooter. The Address 110 excels in this area, with a 5.2L tank capable of making an impressive 145 miles per gallon. Not bad for a little runaround!

Spacious enough for your shopping

Suzuki Address 110 scooter motorhomeSo, you’ve made it to your sunny south coast holiday. You’re sipping cold beer under the awning with the BBQ sizzling away… hang on, the beer’s run out and there’s no sausages left for tomorrow’s brekkie… Disaster!

Enter the Address 110. It has 20.6L of storage in a compartment under the seat, along with two extra compartments below the ignition. Another bag of shopping can hang from the convenience hook on the dashboard (max weight 1.5kg). Whether you’re checking out the gift shops or stocking up on supplies, you’ve got more space than most scooters.

If you’re worried about leaving your scooter in a strange town, you can rest a bit easier with the Suzuki Address 110. It has a security shutter on the ignition and the underseat storage is lockable – so you can take your time pottering round the local market without keeping an eye out for thieves.

Perfect for day trips

What’s a holiday without seeing the local sights? A reliable little runabout will get you from A to B. But you may well want a scooter that does a tad more than 30mph, one that might actually let you have a bit of fun on the road. If you have a CBT, the Suzuki Address 110 can take you up to 60mph, much better for longer trips or just enjoying some scenic riding routes.

If you’re winding your way through narrow village streets or negotiating twisty mountain roads, a compact scooter is obviously preferable to a massive great motorhome. The Suzuki Address 110 an easy-handling, twist-and-go scooter, with a narrow width and low seat height. It has enough space for your significant other to hop on the back, too!

With the Address 110’s generous storage capacity, you can take what you need with you on a day trip – a picnic, maps and bottles of water will all fit comfortably in the under-seat and dashboard storage.

Suzuki Address 110 motorhome scooter

Any questions about the Suzuki Address 110?

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or comments about the Address 110, or tell us how you use your scooter or bike on holiday! You can call us on 01623 627600 to speak to our friendly sales staff.

We’d also love to welcome you to our Nottinghamshire showroom, where you can take a look at the Address 110 for yourself, and view the rest of our scooter range. We’re Suzuki and Peugeot official dealers, so it’s more than likely we’ll stock the perfect scooter for you.

If you’d like a full review of the new Suzuki Address 110, check out our video below!

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