Planning a Motorbike Adventure: Books and Inspiration

Finding advice on planning a motorbike adventure

In April’s issue of Motorcycle Monthly John Milbank issued a glowing report of the epic motorcycle travelogue “Sydney to London… The Long Ride Home,” adventured, and subsequently accounted, by local rider Nathan Millward. This inspired us to get our adventure touring heads on as we took a deeper look into the biker literature market for all of you aspiring explorers. We’ve collated a few books and blogs chosen for their ability to inspire, advise and help you plan an adventure. Never left your home city gates? No motorbike adventure experience required!

Get your planning cap on

adventure motorcycling handbookInternational trip-planning: Adventure Motorcycling Handbook by Chris Scott

Focused on the international traveller, the sixth edition of this motorbike adventure manual is a bible on all things long-distance, two-wheel travel. Scott shares practical tips on how to put together a plan – advising readers on the best bikes for such a heavy trip and the gear to go with it. He then dives into advice on mostly unavoidable obstacles such as border controls, medical emergencies and navigation.

UK biking: Bikers’ Britain: Great Motorbike Rides (AA)

Once you’ve read up on Scott’s practical tips, though they may be less helpful if you’re staying closer to home, why not pick up this helpful guide on the best roads to cruise in the UK? Simon Weir from RiDE magazine offers expertise aplenty in this jam-packed motorbike adventure route planning guide.

Personal stories

Solo travel: Solo travel:Sydney to London… The Long Ride Home by Nathan Millward
Sydney to London motorbike adventure book

Mansfield-local Nathan, and Dot (not Cotton or his Nan but a 105cc ex-postal service Honda CT110) left the Land Down Under a few years back and nine motorised months later, they’d made it back to Blighty! His carefree, plan-free approach, lead him through eighteen countries, including India, Russia and Pakistan. The book documents the personal affair of a long-distance trip, if it doesn’t push you to get your maps out, it might at least entertain you for a few late nights.

Couple travel: Storm by Allen Noren

Ever whiled away evenings dreaming up what a long-distance motorbike adventure might look like? Lisa and Jason of Two Wheeled Nomad did, then they stopped dreaming and started doing. The same went for seven-year strong couple Allen and Suzanne. Storm makes for a compelling and honest cautionary tale of the highs, but often more heartbreaking lows, of taking a long-awaited travel trip to the road with your other half.

Keep calm and stay safe

Motorcycle safety: Proficient Motorcycling:The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well by David L.Hough

Whether you’re a complete biker newbie or a “riding since you were in nappies” type – safety is safety. And broken bones are broken bones. You may think you’re sufficiently versed in brake safety, and that your cornering skills are so slick your friends would be justified in nicknaming you “slick steering Rick,” but Hough and his “#1 book in motorcycle safety” might just be the accident-avoidance brush up your acceleration, deceleration and weight-management skills need.

If you enjoyed this post read back later in the week for our recommendations on the best gear for a trip – near or far!

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