New Suzuki Hayabusa for 2021!

The Beast is back!

New Suzuki Hayabusa Black Gold

The return of a legend! The iconic Suzuki Hayabusa returns and it’s better than ever!

Many people mourned the loss of the Hayabusa when Suzuki announced it would be ceasing production not too long ago. Plenty of muttering about the Euro Emission regulations ensued and cries for a new Hayabusa have been getting louder and louder over the last couple of years… until a few days ago when Suzuki released one of their cryptic teaser videos. Plenty of sitting up in seats and eyes opening wide occurred, with Busa lovers instantly identifying the recognisable front end. Today, the new 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa is unveiled and we’re very happy with the result! The beast is back!

What’s new, pussycat?

Looking at the bike side by side with its older brothers, it’s easy to see that the new Suzuki Hayabusa hasn’t changed massively in its appearance and design. While some motorcycle enthusiasts may have wanted something a little more edgy and radical in appearance, I (for one) am very happy that they’ve retained so much of the DNA that made the original Hayabusa’s looks so iconic. Suzuki’s chief designers weren’t worried about bikes that their competitors are making. Instead, they’ve chosen to make the best Busa possible, and it shows!

Rather than create some edgy, angular, rolling razorblade of a bike, Suzuki have stuck to what they know and worked hard to improve upon one of the best hyper-sports touring bike on the planet. Fast, flowing lines make for a very aerodynamic riding profile that is unmistakably Hayabusa with some subtle changes to channel the airflow better than ever before. The front fender helps to channel air towards the brakes for efficient brake cooling when riding under pressure, along with the Suzuki Ram Air Direct (SRAD) being redesigned to help provide greater engine cooling.

2021 Suzuki Hayabusa Black

Lights, camera, action!

The front end retains its falcon-like appearance, with a new vertically stacked LED headlight, with includes four LED lights that reflect off coated panels for greater visibility. The LED daytime running lights that sit aside the headlight act as indicators when signalling, a trick feature that appears on a Suzuki motorcycle for the first time and helps keep the smooth, flowing lines of the new Hayabusa. Follow it round to the more aggressively styled backside of the Busa, and you’ll find a similar LED cluster that features running lights, brake lights and indicators all in one place. Plus, if you brake hard at over 35mph, the Hayabusa’s indicators flash in unison to let others know, almost like a hard braking hazard light. Neat!

The chassis and seat position remain mostly the same, however the handlebar setup now sits 12mm closer to the rider. That doesn’t sound like a whopping amount but it definitely makes the difference in terms of rider comfort, and something you’ll be thankful for if you’re riding over many miles.

2021 Suzuki GSX1300RR Hayabusa

Plenty of power!

Of course, the highlight of a Hayabusa is its engine. The new Hayabusa still sizzles the speedo at a massive 186mph, as is deemed so by a gentleman’s agreement between bike manufacturers to stop themselves getting carried away. Mind you, 186mph is plenty enough for the everyday biker and beyond, so that’s probably for the best! Suzuki’s engineers reviewed every bolt and o-ring while developing the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa, with redesigned pistons and connecting rods along with a revised crankshaft and other internals to help improve the bombproof Busa engine.

Now, prepare for a bit of a shock. Stay with me! The new Hayabusa makes less power and torque than the previous generation! I know, I know! Thanks to the usual Euro 5 emissions guff, the Busa does have redesigned catalytic converters to help jump through the regulatory hoops, which has unfortunately toned down the power just a smidge.

However, this has been countered with greater torque in the low-to-mid range areas, where it’s more likely to be used. Part of this is down to the engine redesign and partly due to a new connecting pipe between the 1st and 4th header pipes. All we know is, it’s adding up to a real torquey treat! So, despite the fact the new Busa is 7bhp and 3 ftlb torque down on its older brother, you’ll be having much more fun in the 5k-6k rev range where you need it most. Plus, with a new ride-by-wire throttle that opens and closes the throttle valves in thousandth-of-a-second increments you’ll feel more connected to your new Hayabusa than ever.

Stopping power is important too, and the Busa has plenty of it, thanks to inclusion of the blingy Brembo Stylema calipers at the front, that were originally used on the newest Ducati Panigale V4 series. She’s a weighty bike at 264kg with a full tank, but nothing that these beefy Brembo brakes can’t handle. Plus, the new 7-spoke wheels feature some sticky Bridgestone boots as standard. Perfect for this type of bike with loads of guaranteed grip.

Suits you, SIRS!

As you’d expect with a new bike, the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa boasts an impressive range of technology that makes the Starship Enterprise look like a pocket calculator. The bike features the Suzuki Intelligent Ride System (S.I.R.S), with a host of features that focus on the word ‘control’. With the amount of power and torque on offer here, these features really help to fine tune the new Hayabusa to meet your riding style. It’d take an awful long time and possibly a specialised university degree to explain them all thoroughly but here’s a quick run down of the electronics…

You’ll find a drive mode selector with three pre-set modes (Active, Basic and Comfort) along with three additional modes that you can programme to suit your riding style. The Busa also boasts a power mode selector, anti-wheelie control, launch control, engine braking control, a bi-directional quickshifter with autoblipper and a Bosch 6-Axis IMU that operates all the above as well as the combined braking cornering ABS and traction control. All of these modes can be customised, with the exception of the ABS. (Damn Euro regulations!)

However, the tech doesn’t just focus on performance; you’ll also find a cruise control feature, low RPM assist for improved handling when travelling at slower speeds, a slope dependant control and a hill hold control for greater command over your new Hayabusa, no matter where you’re riding. The new Suzuki Hayabusa also showcases something that has never been seen before in the motorcycle industry: an active speed limiter! This neat little feature allows you to cap the speed of your new Busa, helping ease the chances of getting caught speeding aboard your new two wheeled spaceship. I really think this will make the difference to those who might have considered a sportier bike in the past but are worried they’d end up getting caught speeding, or help reign in those who might be prone to being a bit naughty on straight sections of road. You know who you are!

All of this can be tweaked and tuned using the new switchgear, while monitoring the choices you’re making on the TFT LCD central dash. The dash is comprehensive and shows all the usual info, along with your lean angle, braking pressure, throttle position and more. This TFT LCD display is partnered with the analogue style clocks, making for the perfect blend of the old and the new. Lovely!

I want one!

Suzuki are claiming that the new 2021 Hayabusa will be available in the Spring of 2021, with the word ‘March’ being uttered presently. The colours look excellent too, particularly the new Black/Gold which a mouth-wateringly good looking livery for the head-turning Hayabusa. As ever, the new Hayabusa will be open to customisation with a host of Suzuki Genuine Accessories which you’ll be able to purchase at Two Wheel Centre in store and online when they become available.

With everything that’s on offer here, I’m fully in love with the new Hayabusa. It combines raw sports bike power and fun in a more usable package, all while staying faithful to the source material. In my humble opinion, Suzuki have done the Hayabusa legacy proud!

But what do you think to the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa? Do you love it, or loathe it? Will it replace your current ride? Drop us a comment below with your thoughts!

Until next time, ride safe!

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