Two Wheel Centre’s Mitchell Betts crowned Suzuki’s Advanced Apprentice of the Year!

(L-R) Michael Sprenglewski, Mitchell Betts, Jessica Scott and Peter Fox

Mitchell Betts is the youngest member of the Two Wheel Centre workshop technician team but has a wealth of knowledge and experience behind him. His mechanical prowess and hard work has been recognised by none other than Suzuki themselves, who have crowned Mitchell their Suzuki Advanced Apprentice of the Year for 2019.

Taking into account Mitch’s working efforts over the course of the year, as well as a portfolio of work, written exams, online assessments and more, Suzuki presented this award to Mitchell in an awards ceremony earlier this month. His knowledge of the working of Suzuki bikes, coupled with his mechanical intuition, makes Mitch a go-to source for anything Suzuki and is able to tackle a range of jobs from diagnostic solutions to engine rebuilds.

(L-R) Denis Houston, Mitchell Betts and Nobuo Suyama

Mitch shows no signs of slowing down; since the start of the year, Mitch has also passed his motorcycle test to receive a full bike licence and has begun training to become an MOT tester too! He’s already making plans to move into Suzuki’s senior technician programme and is looking forward to becoming a Suzuki master-tech in the near future.

Mitchell would like to take the time to thank the Two Wheel Centre team, his family and friends for their support and guidance through his Suzuki apprenticeship. We’re so proud of you Mitch! Your enthusiasm, work ethic, positivity and infectious smile has made you a valued member of the Two Wheel Centre team and we know you’ll succeed in your every endeavour in the future!

Well done Mitchell!

The man of the hour: Suzuki Apprentice of the Year Mitchell Betts
Tom Haggett

Tom Haggett

Having been surrounded by motorbikes from a very early age, Tom has always loved bikes and aspired to have a role in the motorcycle industry. Tom has a love of all things with two wheels but predominantly enjoys choppers, bobbers and customs. He even has a V-Twin engine tattooed on his chest! A recent addition to the Two Wheel Team, Tom has settled in well and works hard to provide quality content for the Two Wheel blog.

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