Buy Your RoadLoK From The UK – FREE UK DELIVERY

Please note:

Currently, we cannot import any Roadlok systems from Roadlok USA. However, we do have some Roadlok systems in stock which are available to purchase. Please contact us regarding availability on our stock Roadlok systems. Alternatively, visit our Two Wheel Centre website to see other security systems available for purchase.

At last, you can buy your RoadLoK from the UK.

For those of your that don’t already know, the RoadLoK is a revolutionary new way to secure your motorcycle from those sticky fingered thieves.

Standing on the shoulders of the clunky disclock, the RoadLoK has a far superior way of functioning.

The concept is remarkably clever, yet remains simple. Order the RoadLoK that is specific to your bike and mount it on to your calliper. The RoadLoK is a permanent fixture on your calliper, so its good to hear that it a) looks the bees knees b) is super lightweight and c) is available in a choice of colours.

Once mounted (which takes a matter of minutes) all you need to carry is the small locking pin and your key – much more convenient than strapping a disclock to yourself or your bike. The pin is the size of a small thumb, so it will fit in even the smallest of pockets with ease.

Arrive at your destination, dismount, slip the spring loaded pin into the RoadLoK and push your bike forwards literally a centimeter or two, wait for the ‘CLICK’ as the pin locates in the one if the drilled holes in the disc and ‘hey presto’, your bike will not move a muscle.

Unlike conventional disclocks, the RoadLoK eliminates ALL movement of the wheel, so not only are you secured from the light fingered thieves, you’ll find it almost impossible to damage your bike through forgetfulness. If you don’t remove the pin before riding, your bike will simply ‘stall’ as opposed to your wheel turning half way, your disclock smashing your front fender to smithereens and leaving you in a likely heap on the tarmac. Not a desirable place to be.

The RoadLoK has rocketed in America, and until now UK residents have had to pay approximately $40 per Roadlok to get one shipped in.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Two Wheel Centre are set to be the proud distributor of the RoadLoK system in our home country, the UK!

12 thoughts on “Buy Your RoadLoK From The UK – FREE UK DELIVERY

  1. Hi all…
    Do you have a Roadlok that will fit the front right disc on a 2017 Triumph Explorer 1200?
    If so what is the £cost? p and p to HX4 ? please
    Thank you in advance
    My regards

    1. Hi Lukas

      Unfortunately, the BMW F800GSA features axial calipers; the Roadlok systems are only designed to fit radial calipers.
      Due to this, the Roadlok systems are unsuitable for your bike.

      Best wishes,


    1. Hi Susie,

      Unfortunately the 2016 Kawasaki ER6N features an axial brake caliper; the Roadlok systems will only fit to a radial caliper.
      Due to this, Roadlok systems are not suitable for your bike.

      Best wishes,


    1. Hi Ozzy,

      Unfortunately, we don’t carry a Roadlok suitable for your BMW, and as we are no longer Roadlok dealers we cannot import such a system in.
      You may be able purchase one directly from Roadlok in the USA but be prepared for a large postage cost and charges!

      Best wishes,

      Two Wheel Centre

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