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If you ride motorbikes, chances are you’ve heard of Arai. You’ll see the Arai Helmet logo in every major racing series going and even in the lesser known races too. From MotoGP to British Superbikes and to the legendary Isle of Man TT road races, you’ll spot someone on the grid wearing an Arai. Looking back at the legends of the sports, household racing names like Mick Doohan, Freddie Spencer, Kevin Schwantz and Joey Dunlop have all worn these legendary lids.

Arai Debut Union Helmet Available From Two Wheel Centre

Experiencing the Arai legacy starts with the Arai Debut helmet! Featuring the same legendary round shape, the Debut bring everything that’s great about Arai to the everyday rider. At £299.99 for base colours and some extra change for graphics, it’s not a cheap helmet buy any means. But when you take into consideration the features, functions and fit of the helmet, the price of the helmet becomes more and more justifiable.

Arai are known for many things, among which is their commitment to quality and safety. That’s why not just any old Tom, Dick or Harry can wander into the Arai factory and start making skid lids. It can take up to five years of training before you’re even allowed to make the shell of an Arai. Couple that with your helmet being inspected five times before it leaves the factory and you’re safe in the know that your helmet is made by someone in the know with the quality and care you’d expect from a reputable brand like Arai Helmets.

Arai won’t do anything that compromises your safety as a rider. Safety is paramount for Arai and as such, a super strong Super Fibre Laminate outer shell, multi density EPS liner and round shell shape all help protect your head should the worst happen. Whether it’s a solid impact at a lower speed or a high-speed slide across the tarmac, an Arai is ready to take it head on, so to speak. The Arai Debut helmet meets EC22:05 standard but Arai go one further with their own in-house safety tests, dropping 3kg cones from 3 metres up straight onto the helmet to test the strength and resilience of their shells.

You’ll be kept nice and comfortable in the Arai Debut with a SuperSoft lining and loads of ventilation points including the usual upper vents and chin vents you’d come to expect from a full face helmet, with the addition of ventilation points built into the visor, channelling loads of airflow into strategically placed brow vents, keeping you cool as you ride. The visors are wide for plenty or peripheral vision as well as being Pinlock ready and a PinLock 120 insert included in the box! It doesn’t get much better than that!

It might not be the cheapest helmet on the market but when you take into account the care taken making the helmet, the build quality and all the trimmings, it’s definitely a great value helmet and a great way to get your Arai journey off the ground! If you want to try on the Arai Debut for yourself, take a trip to Two Wheel Centre and experience the helmet yourself! Alternatively, take a look at the Arai Debut Collection on our website and check out all the beautiful colours and graphics on offer!

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Having been surrounded by motorbikes from a very early age, Tom has always loved bikes and aspired to have a role in the motorcycle industry. Tom has a love of all things with two wheels but predominantly enjoys choppers, bobbers and customs. He even has a V-Twin engine tattooed on his chest! A recent addition to the Two Wheel Team, Tom has settled in well and works hard to provide quality content for the Two Wheel blog.

2 thoughts on “Arai Debut Helmet | Entry Level Arai Goodness!

  1. I wish to purchase an Arai Debut helmet with the graphics shown on this web page above this comment box. The graphics have a checkered band around the bottom, a Union Jack above the checkered band, and a green bank above the Union Jack. Anyone know where I can find one in size XL? Thanx.

    1. Hi there,

      Many thanks for your enquiry. Unfortunately, the Arai Debut helmet is now discontinued but is soon to be replaced by the Arai Debut-V which will land this summer. However, the Arai Debut-V will only be available in Plain colours. You can view the new Debut-V, along with the rest of the Arai Helmet Collection, on our website here:

      Best wishes,

      Two Wheel Centre

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