Cardo PackTalk Slim Bluetooth / DMC Intercom - Duo Set

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Cardo PackTalk Slim Bluetooth / DMC Intercom

  • Voice activated
  • Connectivity up to 15 riders
  • Private chat feature
  • DMC connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Music streaming
  • Answer, make and reject calls
  • 40mm slim HD speakers
  • Built in FM radio
  • Automatically adjustable volume
  • Smart audio mixing
  • Audio sharing
  • Charge while ride
  • 13 hours talk time
  • Call to intercom
  • IP67 certified
  • Also available in Solo pack (see 'Similar Products' tab)

If you're in the market for an aerodynamic motorcycle intercom, look no further than the Cardo PackTalk Slim; at only a quarter of an inch thick, this intercom boasts the same features as the PackTalk Bold in a much more aerodynamic package, with only a slight drop in range (0.2 mile difference). The battery pack of the PackTalk Slim is hidden behind you, fixed into the neckroll of the helmet, making the control unit less bulky and lighter in weight. In the box you will find short and long clamps as well as short and long skirts for fixing the unit and battery in place. The Cardo PackTalk Slim is almost universal; Cardo do list a series of helmets which the PackTalk Slim has been tested on which you can view here. Don't panic if your helmet is not listed; this list only shows helmet that have been tested up to this time and new helmets are being added when tested. If you have any concerns, please contact us before purchasing.

Cardo Systems introduce the Scala Rider PackTalk Slim, a revolutionary motorcycle intercom system offering connectivity for up to 15 riders, making sure no rider is left out of the conversation. There is also a private chat feature for those wanting to have confidential chats with another rider in the group. The DMC or Bluetooth connectivity allows you to connect to any Bluetooth headset, ensuring you’re never left out of the conversation and the DMC connectivity means that if a rider becomes too far separated from the group, they automatically connect when they rejoin the group. Receiving an incoming call? Connect the call to your riding party and let everyone join in the conversation!

The Cardo PackTalk Slim features a new natural voice operation feature, meaning you never have to take your hands off the bars when you’re out riding. Similar to other voice activated devices, simple say “hey Cardo” and the PackTalk Slim will take care of the rest. Perfect sound comes from the JBL Audio speakers complete with specifically tuned audio processor. These speakers variate the volume based on the speed at which you are travelling so that you can still hear your music at full throttle but not go deaf when sat stuck at the lights. The smart audio mixing features ensures that your FM radio, music, mobile calls, and intercom all work in parallel. This means that even though you may well be listening to music, it won’t shut off your GPS navigation meaning you won’t miss your exit as you’re rocking down the road.

Charge your PackTalk Slim system while you’re riding. Simply plug your unit to a battery pack or 12V charger and turn on your PackTalk Slim unit. You can ride whilst charging, ensuring you’re always a part of the conversation. Once fully charged, you’re given 13 hours of talk time, easily long enough for the length of your ride.

The PackTalk Slim is IP67 certified, giving you reassurance that you can ride through dirt, dust, rain, snow and mud without having to worry about the PackTalk Slim becoming damaged.

Please note: Due to Cardo's own shipping costs, we do charge £9.00 postage per Cardo purchase.

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