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Arai RX-7V Helmet

  • High specification premium sports and racing helmet from Arai
  • Designed for all day comfort with incredible performance
  • Handmade in Japan and inspected five times by Arai engineers
  • ECE 22:05 approved
  • SNELL M2010/2015 approved
  • PB-SBC2 outer construction
  • R75 organic round outer shell shape
  • VAS Max Vision Pinlock ready visor
  • Pinlock anti-mist insert included
  • Shield latch visor close system
  • Two built in visor vents
  • Three upper ventilation ports
  • Three position chin intake vent
  • Two side exhaust vents
  • Two upper rear exhaust vents
  • Built in neck exhaust vent
  • Pull down chin spoiler
  • Adjustable Air Wing
  • Emergency Release System (ERS)
  • Anti-microbial interior lining
  • Facial Contour System (FCS)
  • 5mm ‘peel away’ ear cups, cheek pads and temple pads
  • Replaceable interior including ear cups and cheek pads
  • Replaceable chin strap covers
  • Replaceable neckroll
  • Intercom ready speaker pockets
  • Removable washable interior
  • Double D ring closure system
  • In house tested by Arai engineers
  • Penetration tested
  • Five year limited warranty
  • Available in plain colours and graphics
  • Available in sizes XS – XL

Arai are world renowned for their commitment to safety and this refusal to compromise on safety has led them to be one of the most respected helmet manufacturers the world over and worn by racers in every series, from Maverick Vinales to Ian Hutchinson to Josh Brookes.

The culmination of decades of racing expertise, the Arai RX7V offers the very best in motorcycle helmet technology for sports bike and racing use. From the incredible Free Flow ventilation system to the pull down chin curtain and adjustable Air Wing, the Arai RX-7V is the ultimate track ready race helmet that gives you complete peace of mind knowing that your head is fully protected and allowing you to concentrate on the next corner.

The Arai RX 7V features a unique outer shell construction found only on Arai’s premium racing helmets. The PB-SNC2 outer shell construction stands for Peripherally Belted Structural Net Composite and features a super fibre belt across the upper section of the eye port, allowing the viewport to be lowered for the tucked racing position. This offers a greater field of view when racing while strengthening the helmet in a key area too. The Structural Net Composite adds a physical bonded structure to the helmet across the many layers of fibreglass used in the construction of the RX7V helmet. Finally, these super fibre layers are bonded together with a special resin only used by Arai. The resin, labelled the ‘Z-Mixture’ increases the adhesion between the layers, meaning that less resin is required to make the incredibly strong bond and resulting in a lighter Arai motorcycle helmet that you’ll be happy to wear for hours at a time. When used in combination with a single piece multi-density EPS lining which helps protect from a variety of impacts, its clear that you’re riding in the safest motorcycle racing helmet currently available. It’s little wonder that the Arai RX7V has achieved the ECE 22:05 and Snell M2010/2015 ratings.

Like many helmets in the Arai Motorcycle Helmet range, the RX7V helmet is given the well-known R75 organic round shell shape that we’ve come know and love from Arai. This round shell shape helps with ‘glancing off’, a safety measure considered by Arai and developed with knowledge from real world crash scenarios. ‘Glancing off’ works to avoid energy being transferred directly into the helmet, keeping the rider safe should the worst occur. You can ride with peace of mind in the Arai RX7V racing helmet, knowing that your helmet is not only safe due to its incredibly strong fibreglass construction, but by the very design of the helmet itself. Each Arai helmet is hand made by an Arai approved engineer, who will have to train for up to 5 years before being deemed skilled enough to work on your new Arai helmet, and the Arai RX-7V helmet is no exception.

The Arai RX 7V helmet features a clear visor as standard and uses the VAS (Variable Axis System) mechanism to maintain the smooth shell design with little intrusion to the rounded shell shape. The VAS system was developed by Arai to do away with intrusion at this critical area, which sits across the temple, and helps to further impact protection with a greater density EPS at this area and greater ‘glancing off’ capabilities. The visor itself is fitted with ridges to accept the Pinlock 120 Max Vision inserts, which are designed to reduce visor misting when riding in particularly cold environments. The Pinlock insert is included in the box with your new Arai RX-7V helmet, ensuring you have everything you need for the cooler months ahead.

The visor is secured in place with a racing style shield latch closure, using a simple latch at the left side of the visor to securely lock the face shield in place in case of impacts. Rather than opt for an internal sun visor, Arai use the Pro Shade System, an exterior mounted dark tinted sun visor designed to eliminate sun glare while riding. The Arai Pro Shade System is available to purchase as an additional extra.

Ventilation in a racing spec helmet is incredibly important, ensuring that you keep a cool head when racing in both the literal and figurative sense. Incorporated into the visor are brow vents; exclusively used by Arai, the brow vents offer an additional ventilation opportunity and help to channel more air into the helmet as you ride. This air travels easily into the helmet and released efficiently through the many exhaust ventilation points.

With three upper crown vents and a three position chin vent, the amount of air flowing into the Arai RX7V is enough to keep any rider cool in the warmest of weather. The upper ventilation diffusers also help aid in the helmet aerodynamic profile, helping the helmet slice through the air and offering greater stability when riding at high speed. In addition to this, you’ll find two exhaust vents under the rear area of the diffusers along with two side exhaust vents with aerodynamic covers and a built in neck exhaust vent, each designed to draw warm air efficiently out of the helmet while riding, a welcomed feature for the summer bikers.

The interior of this Arai motorcycle helmet is anti-microbial, removable and washable, allowing you to prolong the fresh helmet feeling, a welcomed addition for those riding all year round and in warmer weather. In addition to this, the cheek pads, ear cups, neckroll and chinstrap covers are replaceable, allowing you to customise the fit of your Arai RX-7V helmet to suit the shape of your head for even greater comfort or refresh the helmet interior after continued usage. Additional customisation comes in the form of the ‘5mm peel away’ padding at the ear cups, cheek pads and temple pads. Perfect for those with a rounder head shape, the peel away padding allows for greater comfort without compromising the fit or security of the Arai RX7V helmet. The interior lining also features provision for intercom systems to be added to the helmet, with speaker pockets that are ready to accept any universal motorcycle intercom.

The inclusion of the Facial Contour System (FCS) within the Arai RX 7V helmet offers a snug, secure fit each and every time you ride. Using thicker padding at the cheeks to secure the helmet usually means a squashed, sometimes uncomfortable fit that will bed in over time, offering less and less support with continued use; the Facial Contour System uses a cheek pad with a spring loaded rebound device to gently yet firmly secure the cheek pad at the jaw, maximising security without compromising on comfort. Thanks to the FCS system, the helmet is also easier to get on and off without having to force your way past unnecessary padding to get in and out of your motorcycle helmet. The Arai RX7V helmet also benefits from the ERS system; the cheek pads can be removed by the emergency services quickly and easily in the event of an accident, using a pull tab located at the bottom of the helmet. The quick release cheek pads enable the emergency services to remove the helmet without causing unnecessary strain to the rider's neck. This could make a critical difference in the event of an accident.

Additional aerodynamic properties include the adjustable chin spoiler; this pull down air spoiler at the chin is designed to enhance airflow around the helmet with the Free Flow ventilation system and also helps to reduce wind noise when travelling at high speed. Cast your eyes to the back of the helmet and you’ll notice an Air Wing; this adjustable wing allows you to tailor the airflow between the aerodynamic air diffusers and offers an element of fine tuning for your helmet that isn’t seen in helmets from other brands.

All Arai helmets, including the Arai RX-7V helmet, are subjected to Arai’s in-house testing procedure, going above and beyond the mandatory testing procedures required by safety bodies such as ECE 22:05. These in-house tests include a penetration test which involves a 3kg test cone being dropped from a height of 3 metres onto the helmet, testing the strength and resilience of the helmet shell. Keeping with their mantra that safety is paramount, Arai only use double D ring closure systems on their helmets; no moving parts to corrode or break, just a tried and tested strap which is tightened each and every time you ride.

Available in sizes XS – XL and available in solid colours and graphic colours.

Please Note: Some images may display Snell or DOT badges; the Arai RX-7V helmet supplied by Two Wheel Centre features ECE 22:05 badging and is suitable for UK and European road use.

Product Brand:
Mens / Unisex
  • Replica


Helmet Type:
Full Face Helmets
Pinlock Ready
Inner Lining:
Extensive ventilation
  • XS / 53-54cm
  • Small / 55-56cm
  • Medium / 57-58cm
  • Large / 59-60cm
  • XL / 61-62cm
Sun Visor:

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