Treat your feet with these 5 new Sidi motorcycle boots

Need to spring clean your motorcycle wardrobe? Take a look at these new Sidi motorcycle boots.

We stock a fantastic range of Sidi motorcycle boots here at Two Wheel Centre, and we’re always impressed by the innovation and craftsmanship of this Italian manufacturer. Sidi have really taken development up a notch this year, with no less than 5 new Sidi motorcycle boots for you to choose from.

We’ve put together this handy guide to let you know the main points of each new design, so you can choose your perfect boots for the new riding season.

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore – the next generation of ADV boots

New Sidi motorcycle boots Adventure 2 GoreThe Adventure Gore boots sat at the top of the Sidi touring range with ease, competing with the other manufacturers for the ultimate touring boot design. Not content to rest on their laurels, Sidi have made the Adventure boots even better for 2017.

You might look at these new boots and think they look pretty much the same, but underneath Sidi have made some big changes. For example: microfibre replaces leather, protection is now CE approved and the Gore-Tex liner now covers the entire boot length.

The new Adventure 2’s will set you back £314.99 – a small jump in price for a huge leap in performance.

Sidi Aria Goretex – Perfect for the British summer

New Sidi Motorcycle Boots Aria GoretexAh, summer… you might be thinking of endless blue skies, but in the UK that’s not the most likely scenario. The Aria Goretex boots are a pair of new Sidi motorcycle boots which are ideal for summer touring home or abroad. They can keep you comfortable on hot, dry days and when it starts to drizzle.

These slimline, lightweight touring boots use a lot of mesh in their construction, with tiny pores to let sticky sweat evaporate and keep you cool on a baking hot day.

We know what you’re thinking. A boot made of mesh doesn’t scream waterproof, but you’ll be pleased to know that a full length Gore-Tex membrane will keep your feet safe from sudden downpours.

These weather-proof Aria Goretex boots could be yours for a comfortable £214.99.

Sidi Arcadia Rain – great for commuters

New Sidi Motorcycle Boots Arcadia RainYou get to work and dismount your bike, stowing your helmet away and taking off your heavy leathers. You then take a few stiff steps towards your workplace (you’re parked round the corner) in your bulky calf-length boots and wish you’d remembered a pair of trainers. Sound familiar?

The Arcadia Rain boots allow you to wear protective boots on the bike and then go and join your average non-biker at work. They don’t scream ‘I’m a biker’ but are tough, grippy and water-resistant for everyday riding. While not quite office shoes, you could easily pull these off in other workplaces.

Get these smart, subtle ankle boots for £174.99.

Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS – Off Road Perfection

New Sidi Motorcycle Boots Crossfire 3 SRSAfter two incarnations of the popular, highly technical Crossfire boots, Sidi have brought out the third generation. Packed with new tech, better fitting than ever before and with a completely replaceable boot leg, these are some serious boots for serious off road enthusiasts.

We couldn’t possibly list all the changes here (check out the Sidi Crossfire 3 SRS product page for that), but we can give you a quick taster of some of the new bits.

One huge safety improvement is the new ankle pivot, with a Hyper Extension Block (a solid block below the ankle joint) to prevent your ankle bending the wrong way under impact. There’s also a new nylon inner foot guard, in case you lose your grip on the footpegs.

Other additions are a redesigned heel cup, new SRS system and new base materials. These boots require a solid investment of £439.99. But remember, almost all the parts are replaceable and these boots should last you many happy seasons of MX riding.

Sidi Trial Zero 1 – an upgrade for trials riders

New Sidi Motorcycle Boots Trial Zero 1The Trial Zero Boots, as the name suggests, were always aimed at the pro trials rider who wants only the best. Thoughtfully crafted as the perfect lightweight, flexible and protective boot, the Trial Zero 1 boots take this original focus and refine it for an even better boot.

Replacing leather with Technomicro gives these new boots a bit more flex, comfort and durability which can make a big difference in trials. Theres also a new heel cup which can’t be deformed, shattered or crushed, giving you a little more peace of mind and preventing unnatural twisting on impact.

New wicking liners, updated CE rated protection and a smarter new look complete the design. The Trial Zero 1 boots come in three colours and cost a decent £219.99.

What else is new from Sidi?

As well as the 5 new Sidi motorcycle boots above, there are a few new colours and styles scattered through the Sidi 2017 range. You can browse all of the new Sidi boots on our website and you’ll get super-friendly service and free UK delivery when you order from us.

Any questions? Call us on 01623 627600 or pay us a visit at our Nottinghamshire showroom. We have a large upstairs gear and parts department with knowledgeable staff who would love to help you choose your perfect pair of Sidi boots (or any other gear you need).

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